Rumors On A CMLL And NJPW Wrestler Possibly Signing With WWE Soon

- We've noted how WWE officials have shown interest in CMLL and NJPW star La Sombra, as well as a few other lucha libre stars.

Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report says there are a lot of interesting happenings with La Sombra right now as there are rumors of possible deals with New Japan or WWE. Sombra reportedly spoke to TV Azteca this past Thursday and denied he's signed with WWE but said it is his ultimate dream to compete there.

Sombra worked Arena Mexico this weekend and once again denied signing with WWE. It appeared a few weeks back that Sombra would be signing with New Japan and he was seen talking with NJPW's Naoki Sugebayashi and Tiger Hattori this weekend. Sombra currently has no bookings so it's possible he will reveal who he signed with soon.