Joey Ryan recently sat down with Christian Rosenberg of After Buzz TV to discuss his career, his recent p---s spot going viral and more. They sent us these highlights:

The famous p---s spot (in the video above):

"Someone sent me a link to the match and I was watching it, and rarely do I pop for my own stuff or 'oh I could've done that better/this better', but I was watching it and I genuinely saw that part and it kinda made me laugh. I was like 'alright that's pretty ridiculous'. So I cut that 27 seconds out and I threw it up on Twitter like 'eh let's see how it goes' and people really took to it."

His Twitter feud with Jim Cornette:

"I probably shouldn't have replied to Jim Cornette. It doesn't bother me when people aren't fans of my work cause I get that not everyone likes comedy, not everyone likes the character stuff not everyone likes every wrestler, that's the fact of life. But I don't care if you don't like my wrestling, but when you try to throw 'gay' as an insult to me, I just feel like homophobia sets wrestling back far more than any comedy spot. So it just irked me a little bit that he insinuated that I was gay because I did this or that I enjoyed him grabbing me or whatever it was and he tried to use gay as an insult and I just feel like that is…that doesn't belong anywhere in the world. Much less wrestling."

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You can watch the full interview below:

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