Vince Russo Calls Authority Figure Angles Stale, Explains Why They Don't Work Anymore, More

Vince Russo's latest edition of Nuclear Heat has dropped here on Wrestling Inc, and this episode features Vince talking about his Christmas wishes for the wrestling world. Perhaps his most echoed wish? No more authority figure angles.

Russo portrayed an authority figure in WCW, where he became WCW World Champion in controversial fashion. Later he was in the role of an authority figure in TNA, but 'no more' says Russo.

"It's worn out. Nothing against Triple H and Stephanie personally, but they come out week after week after week after week, and you can dictate word-for-word what they're going to say. They cut the same promo. This past week, Stephanie McMahon came out and said for the millionth time it's her ring. We've heard that for five years, it's her ring. We know it's your ring. We get it. The Authority is so played out," Russo said.

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Vince Russo went on to say that this past week's Authority open, with Stephanie McMahon screaming at Roman Reigns was one of the worst he's ever seen. He chalks much of the authority figure staleness to the fact that it's hard to fill the shoes of Vince McMahon.

"Find a way to end it. Figure a new way to go about your business. It's stale. The first person to be put in that role was Vince McMahon. When Vince came out and did his stuff with Stone Cold Steve Austin, it was never going to get any better than that. That was the best that an authority figure was going to be. There have been some good ones. Eric Bischoff was a good one. I'm told Vickie Guerrero was very good, but Vince McMahon set the bar, no one was going to be better than him," Russo explained."

Russo mentioned that the writing for Vince McMahon was much different than the way that writing for a character like Stephanie McMahon or Triple H goes today. He credited that to a central motivation for Vince McMahon's character, something The Authority lacks.

"McMahon had an issue with one wrestler in Stone Cold Steve Austin, that was the story. In today's WWE, The Authority have a problem with whoever the top babyface is. It's over, it's done, find another way to do it," Russo said.

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