Anderson Silva hasn't fought in nearly a year, but the headlines he made throughout the year were aplenty. From his return following a gruesome leg injury, only to test positive for oxazepam, temazepam and drostanolone on his way to a one year suspension.

Silva said last week that he's not been a user of performance enhancing drugs throughout his career, and blamed the drug test failure on taking a tainted substance.

"I don't have to prove absolutely anything to Bisping or anyone else besides myself," Silva said at a press conference last week. "I never needed any illegal substance, steroid or anything like that. I made a mistake, and everyone can make mistakes. I never tested positive before. I was questioned by the commissioner, and he was arrogant by asking me if I had ever been randomly tested before. I said no, because I never had any problems with doping and I never used it. My body is the same ever since I started fighting until now."

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Silva, who will face Michael Bisping next month at UFC Fight Night 83 next month, said that he made a mistake, but he's willing to be tested at any time. He also said that he maintains his innocence about using a tainted supplement.

"I'm ready to be tested. I'm not perfect. I made a mistake by taking a substance that was tainted. I never intended to expose my personal life to clear the facts the way I did. I never took any kind of steroid. My lawyer and the guy that tested the supplements I took weren't able to prove the truth. My suspension is coming to an end. I made a mistake and I'm paying for it. I'm ready to fight again," Silva said.

Silva, who turns 41 this year, still has several fights left on his UFC contract.

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