Former WWE, TNA and WCW superstar Sean Waltman has had plenty of memorable matches during his career, but one you may not have heard of lasted just under four minutes.

At King of the Ring 1994, Waltman had an excellent encounter with Owen Hart. The match got rave reviews, despite it's short amount of time. According to Waltman, who spoke to WrestleTalk TV, the match also got high praise from eventual WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

"It was dark and I couldn't see, and I was selling the three piledrivers Jeff Jarrett gave me after I beat him earlier in the night. It was like 'here's what you have to work with time-wise.' When we came back through the curtain Bret said it was the best match he'd seen up until that point with that much time to work with."

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Waltman said that even though they had little time to work with, he and Owen wanted to make sure the match delivered. He noted that not long after that, he had better chance to work with both Bret and Owen in much longer matches on Raw.

"We got an awful lot of s--t in in a short amount of time without it feeling rushed. People could still digest what we were doing. Everything was tight and solid, and we were really hitting each other. Just good wrestling. I had the match with Bret not long after that, then one with Owen on Raw not long after that."

You can see Waltman's comments on the match above.

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