Source: The Independent

The Independent interviewed Dean Ambrose this week, who was promoting the release of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown in the U.K. During the interview, Ambrose said that he would like to wrestle Samoa Joe someday, noting that he's pretty much wrestled everybody else.

"That's what comes when you're a guy who has been around for a while and who can do it all," Ambrose said.

Ambrose was also asked about AJ Styles likely signing with WWE soon.

"I'm down with that, this is where the best talent in the world is," Ambrose stated. "I hadn't heard about AJ coming in so that's really cool. I think NXT has opened up the doors for a lot of guys to come in and create different opportunities.

"In North America there aren't too many big places to go, so you find that pretty much all of the best talent in the world ends up filtering through WWE. It's a very exciting time."

Ambrose also discussed his favorite Royal Rumble memories, if he will compete in this year's Rumble match, his overall reaction to 12 Rounds 3 and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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