Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seriously Injured During Angle?

Indian media is reporting that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali suffered "severe head injuries" during an angle at the end of an event for Khali's new wrestling promotion last night. Khali was wrestling Brody Steele, but was jumped by Mike Knox, Steele and another wrestler after a ref bump. Khali was then taken out on a stretcher.

The Times of India reports that Khali was airlifted from Haldwani this morning to a hospital in Dehradun, where he was admitted in the ICU. They noted that the medical team needed to use two beds because of his size, and Khali received seven stitches to the head.

"He is stable and completely out of danger," said Dr A.K. Singh, Director of the Neurology department. "He did not lose consciousness so there are no worrying signs about his health."

I would take this with a grain of salt. Many of the articles in the Indian media have been treating the match as if it were real, even with that terrible ref bump. It was also noted that Khali would conveniently be able to wrestle this Sunday for an event for his promotion in Dehradun, presumably against the wrestlers involved in the attack.

It was also reported that 18,000 fans attended the event last night, which if true, is a pretty amazing feat.

Below is footage of Khali being stretchered out.

Brian, Tejaswi Guttina and The Joker contributed to this article.