Welcome to this week's coverage of ROH TV from Wrestling Inc! This week's show features a 7-team gauntlet match.

Tag Team Gauntlet Championship Contender Match
ReDRagon vs. Will Ferrara & Caprice Coleman

Ferrara hits an early headscissors takeover, but O'Reilly peppers him with strikes. Fish and O'Reilly tag in and out, extended the beat down with strikes and a double suplex. Fish barely gets a two on a back suplex. Coleman gets the hot tag and throws some slow punches before some nice kicks, and STO and a slingshot body press to the outside. Coleman follows up with a slide kick, while Ferrara suicide dives onto ReDRagon. The Two Man Smash Machine takes Coleman out, and Bobby Fish submits Will Ferrara with a Fish Hook.

Will Ferrara & Caprice Coleman are eliminated, House of Truth enter

Truth comes out and trashes Dijak for ruining his dreams of tag team gold. He has Daddiego and Chris Larusso with him. He says this is Larusso's tryout. Larusso's haircut is going to need some work if he doesn't want to be compared to Stevie from Eastbound and Down. Either way, ReDRagon beat him up pretty badly until Daddiego comes in and gets a fair bit of offense. Larusso accidentally kicks Daddiego, and eats a big knee from Fish, which leaves both men down. Daddiego and Larusso is beaten easily.

House of Truth are eliminated, Young Bucks enter

The Young Bucks hilariously superkick Larusso on their way to the ring. The Bucks quickly suicide dive onto ReDRagon, but O'Reilly gets a double dragon screw on them. Chasing the Dragon doesn't hit, and Nick lands a slingshot facebuster on Fish instead. Nick is then put in an ankle lock outside the ring by Kyle until his brother breaks it up, however Matt walks into a corner Exploder Suplex from Fish. Bucks hit an assisted Sliced Bread on Fish, then hit Superkicks #1-2 on Kyle. More Bang For Your Buck pins O'Reilly.

ReDRagon are eliminated. Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes enter

Superkicks #3-4 send both men outside immediately. Hughes tells the Bucks to suck it, then they get Superkicks #5-6. Tim Hughes side slams Nick, but goes to side slam Matt and eats Superkick #7 from Nick. Bob Evans kicks the Bucks in the shins, but walks into Superkicks #8-9. Assisted Swanton pins Hughes.

Tim Hughes & Bob Evans eliminated, Addiction join

Addiction jump the Bucks from behind and dominate both of them early on. This is a one-sided whopping until Matt hits Superkicks #10-11 on Addiction and win out of nowhere! Addiction attacks the Bucks after the match and hit Celebrity Rehab on Matt.

Addiction eliminated, Roppongi Vice enter

RPG Vice attack Addiction, and finally refs make Addiction leave. Nick Jackson is fighting off both members of Roppongi Vice briefly, but they absolutely kill him with a knee variation of the Doomsday Device. Matt hits Superkick #12, and then connects with an Asai moonsault to give the Bucks control again. Trent stops the Meltzer Driver, but Romero still walks into an EnziguriBomb. Rocky also stops a Meltzer Driver, but gets caught upside down going for a Frankensteiner and Matt does a Cannonball. RPG Vice stop More Bang For Your Buck and get Strong Zero on Matt for the pin!

Young Bucks are eliminated

Winners: Roppongi Vice via pinfall (Strong Zero)

We see clips of an old Okada & Nakamura vs. Briscoes match to end the show

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