Bret Hart Says WWE Has Done An Awful Job With Roman Reigns, WrestleMania 32 Card Is The Worst

Total Wrestling Magazine recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Below are a couple of highlights:

WWE doing a bad job building Roman Reigns:

"I think they have done an awful job of trying to get Roman Reigns over for WrestleMania and quite honestly they made their biggest mistake at this year's Royal Rumble. They had the right idea by putting him in from the start and stacking the odds against him but they should have had him overcome all the obstacles by fighting bravely against all comers to eventually be the last man standing, but this whole idea where a whole bunch of Triple H's goons come out, attack him and leave him for dead, having him stretchered out almost crippled only for him to limp out at the end to make a comeback, well we've been there, done that.

"At least if he'd been there from the start to the end taking on everyone he could have lost the match at the very end but the fans would have respected him more. What I think they did by having him stretchered out and return having missed the lions' share of the match killed any good feeling or respect the fans held toward him and he hasn't been able to recover from that. By taking him out the match the killed any impact he had.

"It seems to be this whole idea of force feeding the fans with him until they'll eventually enjoy the taste, but it's not working they keep presenting him the wrong way and it's a shame because he is a better talent than that."

This year's WrestleMania card:

"I'm just being honest and I have to say that this year's Wrestlemania card is the worst Wrestlemania card in history. I won't be watching it, I couldn't care less about it. The characters mean nothing, the titles mean nothing. I'm embarrassed by it."

Hart also discussed the tag titles not being defended at WrestleMania, part times getting top spots on the card and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Total Wrestling Magazine