Major Issues Causing Long Lines At WrestleMania 32, What Went Wrong?

WrestleMania is set to be one of the largest of all-time as one of the highest attended ever, but as of now, many fans are still having trouble getting into AT&T Stadium.

Wrestling Inc founder Raj Giri is on the scene, and said that people have been waiting outside for hours. Many fans are complaining about being dehydrated and are trying to get water because of the heat.

From what we've been told, the issue is that are are wi-fi problems in the stadium, causing a major holdup in scanning tickets. The people in line still haven't been given an update.

Some fans have been able to make their way into the stadium, but it looks like the WWE is trying to stall for time, as the Ryback vs. Kalisto United States Championship match didn't start until 4:45 local time.

Raj Giri posted several photos and videos of the lines to Instagram.

Lines are still at a standstill at #WrestleMania32 and the preshow is underway

A video posted by Wrestling Inc. (@wrestlinginc) on

A video posted by Wrestling Inc. (@wrestlinginc) on