Chris Jericho On If His Current WWE Run Is Ending, How His Match With AJ Styles Ranked, RAW Crowd

On episode 236 of Talk Is Jericho, the first undisputed WWF Champion, Chris Jericho shared his thoughts on WWE WrestleMania 32, the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania, and SmackDown for the week.

Jericho said that he had an "amazing time" at WrestleMania 32 and that competing in front of those massive WrestleMania crowds is "addictive".

"When you actually get there, you get to that stadium and see 101,000 people, I'll tell you what, man, it's an experience like no other. And it doesn't matter how many shows I've done, how many matches I've had, how many WrestleManias I've had, there [have] been 12, nothing beats going out there in front of that type of crowd and having a great match. And it's what we do this for."

According to Jericho, his WrestleMania match with AJ Styles was one of the top three matches of the event, along with the Intercontinental Championship ladder match and the Women's Championship bout.

"I had a great time working with AJ Styles all four of our matches and the last one at WrestleMania [32] was exactly what we wanted. And especially after the amazing spectacle of the seven-man Intercontinental [Championship] ladder match. Our mission was to bring it down a bit and then build it back up with wrestling. And we did that. It was one of the best matches on the show. I don't mind saying that. I think our match, the seven-man ladder match, and I think the women's match were the three highlights of that show."

On the topic of the WWE Monday Night RAW the night after WrestleMania 32, Jericho said it was a lot of fun as well.

"The main event match with me, and [Kevin] Owens, AJ, and the returning Cesaro is another one of my favorites. Two five-star matches in a row, whatever you want to call them, two great matches in a row. And four-ways are not easy to do, but we put it together and banged it out."

Jericho was pleased that the RAW crowd did not hijack the show while he was performing.

"The night after WrestleMania, all the jack offs seem to show up and like to chant their own things and they were doing it to an extent, but they weren't doing it to us. And they shouldn't [have]. It was a great match. Instead of chanting, 'we are awesome' and 'beach ball party' or whatever, they were chanting, 'this is wrestling', 'this is awesome', and all of that sort of thing. And they were right. They got a great show. And they want to boo the good guys and cheer for the bad guys and that's fine."

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As for SmackDown, Jericho indicated that he came up with the dark segment after the television taping that we previously reported about on the spot.

"It was an amazing match and you'll see it on Thursday night. Me and Kevin Owens versus AJ and Cesaro. Very cool match and we had a great time with stuff you didn't see during the match and also afterwards, when AJ and Roman [Reigns] were standing there in the ring, there was a huge buzz coming from the crowd. People were really, really into it [with competing chants of], 'AJ Styles! Roman Reigns! AJ Styles! Roman Reigns!' So, I had just gotten knocked out by Cesaro with a forearm and I was hiding kind of in the timekeeper area and I was watching the monitor. And I said to myself, 'when the match is done, and they're standing there,'" Jericho continued, "I said, 'if they shake hands, I'm going to go into the ring.' So I waited, waited, great reactions. They finally shake hands and I grabbed the mic and I go, 'hey, alright, alright, alright, alright. Here we go. Isn't this ridiculous that AJ and Roman shake hands in the worst city, in the worst state, in the entire United States of America. 'Boo!' So I went in the ring and I said, 'Reigns, you go stand in the corner like a good boy and wait till I call you, son. And as far as you're concerned, AJ,' I said, 'you've got one chance to shake my hand and apologize for telling all these people to chant 'Y2Jackass”. And, of course, they start chanting, 'Y2Jackass! Y2Jackass!' and I'm like, 'you shut up! Shake my hand! Shake my hand!' and then I told the ref to tell him 'when I shake his hand, he gives me the Styles Clash', which he did and it got a huge reaction and, of course, I pull myself up and I turn around right into a Roman Reigns spear. So, leave the people literally going home happy and that's what we used to do all the time in 2003, 2002, 2001 with [The] Rock and [Steve] Austin. You go out there, you just talk and improv, and just have some fun."

Jericho would not divulge how long his current WWE run will be, but he said that he has been enjoying his time with the company and that he is not going anywhere.

"For all you jack offs that think you can predict what my future is, I'm not going anywhere. Am I going to be here next week? Yeah. Am I going to be here one more month? I'm not going to tell you. You're just going to have to wait and see."

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