Welcome to this week's coverage of WWE Superstars from Wrestling Inc! Tonight's show is from the city of Dallas, home of WrestleMania 32!

Fandango vs. Ryback

The crowd is Fandango-ing big time. This is the only time of the year Fandango truly looks like he cares about his job. Fandango gets some early offense, but is quickly cut down by Ryback. Fandango tries to fight back, but Ryback stops him and punishes with huge knee strikes. Shellshocked, victory.

Winner: Ryback via pinfall (Shellshocked)

Ryback leaves immediately after the match.

Bo Dallas (w/ Social Outcasts) vs. Kalisto

Bo Dallas and the Bo Train over over big, and Kalisto gets booed. Kalisto lands a springboard dropkick and takes control. Dallas sends Kalisto outside where he's taunted, and Dallas beats him in the apron. The crowd starts a "Bo train" chant to the tune of "Ole." The Outcasts then do a Bo Train to a huge pop and chant. Kalisto is booed mercilessly, but Kalisto hits the SDS by running up the interfering Heath Slater & Curtis Axel for the win.

Winner: Kalisto via pinfall (Salida Del Sol)

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