Trish Stratus has done it all in pro wrestling. She was a seven-time Women's Champion and a Hardcore champion before retiring at 30 on her way to the WWE Hall of Fame. Now Stratus has joined the cast of Gridlocked from Magnolia Home Entertainment

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You can check out the synopsis of the film below, and check out the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Gridlocked above. The film hits Blu-Ray, DVD, as well as digital rental and download on June 14.

"GRIDLOCKED is a crowd-pleasing action thriller in the tradition of Die Hard andLethal Weapon. Former SWAT leader David Hendrix is down on his luck and has failed to receive medical clearance after taking a bullet on the job. Despite being highly trained and competent, his efforts have been reduced to routine tasks for the NYPD. As if things couldn't get any worse, he's been forced to babysit Brody Walker, a hard partying celebrity that's been sent on a mandatory ride along as part of his probation. Pampered and irritating, Walker is the last thing Hendrix needs. But all of that changes when a police training facility comes under attack by a team of ruthless mercenaries led by the mysterious Korver.

Now, Hendrix and Walker must band together with the remaining survivors to fight back and keep the mercenaries from overtaking the compound.... if they don't kill each other first."

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