Vivid founder Steve Hirsch told The New York Daily News that Chyna reached out to him just last week to discuss the possibility of her doing another adult film for the company.

Hirsch said he was supposed to meet with Chyna this week.

"She called last week, and she didn't sound 100% great like she usually did, but she didn't sound bad," Hirsch said. "She wanted to talk about potentially making more movies for us. We were excited about that. Her movies were some of our best sellers. I told her, 'Let me know what day and we'll send a car for you.' She never called."

The former WWE Women's Champion was 45 when she was found dead in her Redondo Beach, California apartment on Wednesday. Her death has been investigated as a possible overdose but it will be weeks before the toxicology results are back.

- Below are great Chyna tributes from her friends Vince Russo and Mick Foley:

My heart is aching. My eyes are swollen from crying, having just talked to Joanie Laurer's manager Anthony Anzaldo on the phone and been told that Chyna, the 9th Wonder of the World was no longer with us; gone at only 45.
I will always be grateful for the friendship I shared with her, but particularly so for the kindness she showed my children, especially Noelle when she was younger. I will never forget those moments where Joanie would take Noelle by the hand at WWE events in the late 90's - off to have her makeup done, her fingernails painted; bonding time between big, strong Joanie, and her tiny sidekick. A father doesn't forget that type of kindness.
I didn't know whether to post a classic photo of Chyna in her WWE prime or of Joanie from the last time I saw her - about 10 months ago at a convention on Long Island. I went with the photo from the convention because of the emotion; because it was taken at the exact moment I saw her for the first time in many years. I was told later that Joanie wasn't sure how I would react to her, and that it meant a great deal to her to be accepted. Like I said, a father doesn't forget. I called home on my way back from the convention only about 40 minutes from my house. "I'm bringing a friend over to watch the pay-per-view" I said to my wife.
"Who's that?", my wife asked.
"Yeah, Chyna!"
And that was pretty much that. A mother, you see, doesn't forget the kindness shown to her child, either.

I am so glad we had that night with Joanie. A night to let her know how much we cared about her, whether it was politically correct or not. A night to let her know we loved her - and always would. RIP my dear friend. I pray that somehow in death, you can find the peace that eluded you so frequently during the latter years of your remarkable life.

Please feel free to share your favorite Chyna memory.

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