Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling. You can check out the highlights below. The interview was conducted ahead of WrestleMania.

- Heyman says that he doesn't see a chance in there being 'Paul Heyman girls.'

- Heyman hugs the interviewer, who was struggling to complete his sentences in English. Heyman then trolled the interviewer.

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- The interviewer asks Heyman to say hello to the Spanish viewers, and he speaks to the Jewish viewers instead. Heyman jokes that he's going to get whichever publicist that ok'd the interviewer fired.

- Heyman thinks that it would have been hilarious to see Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose in the hospital together crying over what Brock Lesnar did to them.

You can see the full, awkward interview above, where Heyman also jokingly accuses the Spanish interview of actually being Croatian.

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