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There were a lot of people within WWE shocked at how Adam Rose had the nerve to post what he did about his WWE suspension for his second violation of the Wellness Policy, essentially denying he did anything wrong. Rose never had a reputation of speaking out of turn, being a distraction or a problem in the locker room. He's seen as one of the hard-working talents who comes to work and does what he's told.

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Regarding his post, WWE officials were not aware that he was planning the response until it was posted to social media. While many of his co-workers were shocked at the post, he also earned a lot more respect.

On a related note, one source noted to PWInsider that Konnor did not test positive for anything illegal.

I know there's been a lot of internal talk and speculation over how WWE announced just two failures in almost 4 years, Hornswoggle in 2015 and Ricardo Rodriguez in 2013, then announced the Rose and Konnor suspensions on the same day.

Rose has been promising an updated response and a response from his doctor but as of this writing, he has not released them.

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