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On episode 315 of The Steve Austin Show, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin welcomed Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady back to the podcast. The duo talked about riding with Kevin Owens and they also discussed visiting the famed Madison Square Garden. Cass said that determining whether the tag team is heel or babyface is up to the fans. Also, Amore discussed breaking his leg in 2013.

Apparently, Enzo & Big Cass travel with Kevin Owens, who Cass divulged enjoys talking about the professional wrestling business all the time.

"He's the man. Yeah, he loves to talk wrestling and that's what we like to do. The conversation from this town to the next town, whether it's two hours, four hours, five hours, is going to be nothing but wrestling." Cass continued, "he just likes to chat [and] talk wrestling. Something about Kevin Owens is if he's not driving, if he [has] got his phone in his hand, nothing gets passed this guy on Twitter or Instagram. Nothing. If anyone makes a mistake or says something that we need to talk about, he's on it the second they tweet it. Nothing gets by this guy on Twitter. He's got everyone."

Enzo agreed, saying that Owens "reads every single tweet that anybody [has] ever posted in the history of Twitter in our business."

When asked whether the team has performed in Madison Square Garden, Cass said they have not performed at MSG yet, but it is on their bucket list. Enzo went on to say that they went to watch Neville and Sami Zayn wrestle in New York City's mecca.

"We went to one show [at Madison Square Garden] because we went to see our buddies. It was their first time at The Garden. It was like two years ago, holiday tour. We just went and watched, so I rode the subway [and] met Cass on the path. Me and him walked to The Garden. And that was when NXT first started getting exposure. I was surprised people even knew who the hell we were. But Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn had their first match against one another in The Garden and those are our buddies, so we wanted to experience that, so we went and watched that backstage. It was the first time I'd ever been in that capacity at The Garden."

Although Amore believes that the team are character heels, Big Cass said that deciding whether characters are heels or babyfaces is up to the audience.

"I think you let the crowd make that decision. I think that the dynamic we have is very relatable and endearing. We got the smaller of the two just running his mouth. He's talking all this smack because he knows he [has] got the big guy behind him. And I can mess with Enzo, but the second anybody else messes with Enzo, 'whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you think you're doing? That's what I can do to E. You can't mess with him.' So he runs his mouth and the second anybody has a problem with it, it's like, 'whoa, whoa, whoa. Now it's time for me to step up.' I think it's a good dynamic and I think it makes us very endearing. That's just my opinion because I feel like a lot of people can relate to that situation or they have friends that can relate to that situation."

According to Amore, he broke his leg while training at the WWE Performance Center. As the story goes, Braun Strowman had to carry Amore to the car to bring him to get medical attention.

"Basically, I just caught my leg on the canvas bumping and it just snapped." Amore added, "so I break my leg. I look up. Nobody believes it. I go, 'alright'. Trainer comes over, sure enough, 'you broke your leg'. Didn't sell it. Didn't sell it. So I didn't sell it, so no one believed me! So then they came over. They trainer says, 'okay, we've got to put you in the friggin' ambulance'. I said, 'screw the ambulance. You've got a Toyota Camry, don't you? Send me to the backseat of that.' So then, Braun Strowman physically picks me up over his shoulder, carries me to the Toyota Camry, [and] puts me in the backseat."

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Amore claimed that he got his broken leg set without any pain medication.

"We go immediately to the orthopaedic. I get x-rays. Sure enough, cracked straight through. I broke it like a son of a b—h, so I sit down on the chair. They go, 'hey, listen'. I go, 'dude, just give me some painkillers or something. I don't know. I'm in a lot of pain right now.' They go, 'we can't give you anything here. We're an orthopaedic. You need to go to the hospital because we cannot perform surgery today. You need to be put in a cast.' Okay? So I look at the guy like he was nuts! 'So you want me to get in the car and drive three more miles to the friggin' hospital and get a cast put on my leg?' Hand to the Man, our trainer, Tara [Halaby], can tell the story. Big Cass knows it's true. I looked at the doctor and go, 'well, you can set this thing right here, right now, and cast it, can't you?' They go, 'yeah, but we can't sedate you. We can't put you under for it.' I said, 'f–king get money, baby. Just go for it.' I grabbed our trainer's hand as hard as I could. They cracked my bone back into place with no sedation whatsoever."

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