More Notes On Adam Rose's Appearing In Court Today For Domestic Charges, His Next Court Date

As noted, Adam Rose posted a $1000 surety bond and was released from the Hillsborough County, Florida jail this afternoon. He's due back in court next month on misdemeanor domestic battery and felony tampering with a witness charges after an incident with his wife Cassandra on Wednesday at their home. Rose grabbed his wife's face during an argument, while screaming at her, and admitted to taking the phone from her when she tried to call police.

Records from Hillsborough County indicate that Rose retained public defender Julianne M. Holt to represent him but they also show that Tampa defense attorney Maj Vasigh was in court with Rose this morning.

We noted earlier that judge John Conrad ordered Rose to see his pastor for counseling between now and the court date. He was actually ordered to continue counseling, indicating he and his wife were already working on their problems. The judge also issued a "No Violent Contact" order. Rose has to bring proof of counseling and must be present for the next hearing on Tuesday, June 7th at 10am.

Rose was already serving a 60-day suspension for his second WWE Wellness Policy violation but WWE has suspended him indefinitely over this arrest. He was already close to being released but if he's convicted of these domestic charges, his contract will automatically be terminated, per company policy.