Source: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated recently conducted a Q&A with Kazuchika Okada. Below are a couple of highlights:

If he learned anything from his TNA run, and if there were any positives from the experience:

"I learned in TNA that I needed more than just a good match–I needed a character. That's how I became the "Rainmaker." It was good for me. TNA didn't use me, but I got hungrier to wrestle. The struggle made me better. I was always a good wrestler. I feel like I can wrestle anybody. Of course, I wanted to main event wrestling matches in TNA, but in their eyes, no, that would not happen. So I went back to New Japan. I took the timing and technique I learned in the U.S. back with me to Japan.

"When I was in TNA, somebody told me about the 'Rainmaker.' I thought it was a nice character. In Japan, there is no character–it's fight, fight, fight. So I needed a character. When I was just a strong wrestler, TNA didn't use me. I didn't have a character, so I knew I needed one. That's what the agents in TNA kept telling me, so I made this character and I took it to New Japan."

If he would leave New Japan for WWE:

"Never. Many guys told me I should go, but there has been no offer."

Okada also discussed his style of wrestling, not wanting to become ROH Champion, if he was surprised that Shinsuke Nakamura left New Japan for WWE and more. You can read the full Q&A by clicking here.

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