Stephanie McMahon Talks Her Favorite Wrestler, Injuring Her Neck At Concert, Training, More

Recently on Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show, WWE personality and Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon discussed the parallel between business and fitness, how she got involved in bodybuilding and weight training, her favorite professional wrestler, and hurting her neck at a Motörhead concert.

With respect to the relationship between business and training, McMahon indicated that training helps her be successful and that the connection between business and athletics should be examined more closely.

"I think training helps me be successful in business and in life. And I think, in general, athletics. Right? A lot of people don't make the connection between athletes and business and I think it is something that really needs to be explored more. I think athletes need to have more confidence in their abilities. They are absolutely trained for the boardroom when you consider the fact that you're learning if it's a team sport, you're learning team environments." McMahon continued, "you learn, in terms of team environment, you shore up each other's gaps, right? Like, you might be a really fast runner and I might be better at something else. And together, we make a great pair, so we're always going to play to each other's strengths on the field. And that's exactly what you have to do in business, so I think athletes are uniquely qualified to be in the business environment."

According to 'The Billion-Dollar Princess', she got into bodybuilding at a young age as a means of spending time with her father, Vince McMahon.

"I always trained like a traditional bodybuilding style of training. That's how I learned and that's what I did since I was about 12 years old because that was just a way for me to spend time with my dad and that's kind of how I came into bodybuilding or just weight training in general."

When asked who her favorite professional wrestler is, aside from her husband, Triple H, 'The Queen Of Queens' unsurprisingly named WWE Hall Of Famer André the Giant.

"Well, it's from a personal standpoint, but André the Giant."

During the podcast, McMahon claimed to be a metalhead. McMahon stated that she is a big fan of Metallica and she admitted to injuring her neck at a Motörhead show.

"It was Motörhead." McMahon added, "from headbanging, just to be clear. You can't leave that part out."

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Source: Joe DeFranco?s Industrial Strength Show