Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s coverage of ROH TV, this week (finally) features fallout from the Global Wars PPV.

Lio Rush vs. ACH

Silas Young joins Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly on commentary, and says he hates that ACH plays video games backstage. Both men attack each other with kicks, and ACH eats a big tornado DDT. Silas Young is basically playing Jim Cornette's anti-flip gimmick here. ACH wins in a little more than five minutes with his 450 Splash.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (450 Splash)

Silas Young attacks ACH after the match and lays him out with misery.

- We see The Addiction upsetting War Machine for the ROH World Tag Team Champions. War Machine made three defenses in 24 hours, which was their undoing. The Addiction came out and cut a promo making fun of Toronto and say that they're the real undefeated tag champions and run down a bunch of teams. Motor City Machine Guns come out and call Addiction sad, middle aged douchebags and make fun of them for being bald. Roppongi Vice come out and throw in their piece. Daniels gets mad and wants a match now, and says that if either team beats them, they'll get a shot at Best in The World.

Addiction vs. Roppongi Vice vs. Motor City Machine Guns

We get the traditional chain wrestling standoff after a series, only to see Addiction attacking from behind. Kevin Kelly does a really good job of putting over how the Addiction had been struggling before winning the titles. Addiction play the heel role to perfection in this match, taunting and causing the referee to get distracted in order to take advantage. The Motor City Machine Guns end up getting the victory with their finish, earning a title shot at Best in the World.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns via pinfall (Skull and Bones)

- We take a look back at Adam Cole joining Bullet Club at Global Wars.

Bullet Club Elite vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yoshi Tatsu & Michael Elgin

Matt Taven joins commentary, and Michael Elgin has two great spots early, with a dive over the top, and a double suplex on the Young Bucks. Tanahashi is over big time in Japan, but still got superkicked, and the crowd loved it. This sets up the Elite's suicide dive, as Matt Taven takes away from the match by trying to bury everyone on commentary. Elgin double German Suplexes The Young Bucks, but Taven buries the Bucks for being light. After offense by the babyfaces, Omega uses cold spray on Tatsu before a triple superkick. A One Winged Angel gets the victory for Bullet Club Elite.

Winner: Bullet Club Elite via pinfall (One-Winged Angel)

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