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After two-and-a-half years, the greatest welterweight in MMA history, Georges St-Pierre has announced that he's ready for a return to MMA.

During Monday's episode of The MMA Hour, St-Pierre spoke to Ariel Helwani and was asked about a potential return the cage. GSP has battled through several injuries during his sabbatical, but says the time has come.
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"I'm ready. I'm an emotional guy," St-Pierre said. "My agents, even before I came on the show today, they briefed me. They said, 'don't say this, don't say that.' They briefed me, they said, 'we're in negotiations, remember, blah, blah, blah.' Like, yeah, yeah, yeah, don't worry, I'm not a kid. But I'm an emotional guy, and when I get emotional sometimes, I say things that are necessarily in the best of my interests, and I'm trying to not go overboard with that."

GSP indicated that he put himself through a successful training camp in order to gauge where he was physically. St-Pierre also mentioned that a potential title fight with Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping is something he's interested in.

"I have a lot to lose in this, because I finished on top," St-Pierre told Helwani. "I finished as champion, and that's the way everybody would like to leave the sport -- on top, healthy, and wealthy -- and I did it. If I go back and, it needs to be for something big. I think for my first fight, it needs to be for something big, and that'll give me the swing and the momentum to do it again and again and again for another run.

St-Pierre would tell Helwani that he didn't want to live with regret.

"I have a lot to lose, but the thing is also, the reason why I've been thinking of coming back, is I don't want to end up at 80 years old and telling myself, 'I should've done this, I should've done that.' Because all of the things I regret in my life the most, it's not the things that I have done," said GSP "It's the things that I have not done, the things that I regret the most. So I don't want to end up where I'm too old and say, 'aw, I should've done it. I was in great shape. My timing was impeccable, and I didn't do it,' so I would die with regret."

You can read much more about GSP's decision and his interview over at MMA Fighting.

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