Source: ESPN

As noted, Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega squared off against each other at the CEO 2016 Fighting Game Championships this weekend, as seen in the video above. Omega defeated Woods at Street Fighter V, and Woods congratulated and raised Omega's hand after his big win.

Woods was interviewed by ESPN after his clash with Omega, below are some highlights:

Losing to Omega:

"I'm kind of upset. I was very confident going in. I was very confident, even through the middle of it when I was getting beat, that'd I'd come back, and then I didn't. I'm going to go play Dance Dance Revolution to make me feel better."

Video games bringing wrestlers together:

"Kofi [Kingston] now has his PlayStation, A.J.'s got a PlayStation, and Aiden English has one, so, like, it's like an arcade backstage. It's cool because the way our jobs are, there's like a lot of down time, so it's a way to keep moral high in the locker room. It's like any job, there are people you hang out with and people you don't. So I feel like bringing more video games in the locker room has helped bring more people together."

Woods also talked about his YouTube channel, their in-house Madden football tournament, video games helping him get to where he is and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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