Former WWE Writer On Vince McMahon Wanting To Make Out With Former Diva On-Screen, Making It Happen

In the video above, former WWE writer Jensen Karp (aka "Hot Karl"), who wrote the new book Kanye West Owes Me $300, talked about his time working for WWE. He called it a fun experience, noting that he worked there for 6-7 months.

"Every time a roided-out monster came out to the ring and yelled at the camera, I – a small Jewish man – wrote it," Karp said.

He said that the wrestlers were the best part of the job, and was amazed by how they would memorize their lines 15 minutes before going out. He then talked about his first day, and noted that Vince McMahon was doing a storyline with Candice Michelle.

He said that Vince "clearly wanted to make out with her in the scene." Karp noted that at the time, Vince was doing an angle where he had "God's powers" and had healing powers in his hands, which led to him treating her chest cold by touching her breasts.

Karp said that Vince wanted to do the angle again the next week, and Candice said that she needed another ailment. Karp was keeping quiet because it was his first week. When Vince asked the writers to come up with another ailment, Karp said that everyone was kind of looking at him, so he replied, "labiagytis?"

Karp said that the room went silent, and he knew that he could either get fired or become the next President of the company. Vince liked it, and Karp noted that the first word that he got on television was "labiagytis."