As noted, Paul Heyman offered Will Ospreay a contract with EVOLVE from Gabe Sapolsky at his Q&A show for Inside the Ropes in London. Our friends at The Tag Rope sent us the footage above of Heyman presenting Ospreay with the contract, and the transcription below:

"I hate to do this to you," Heyman said. "I am a great admirer of your work, Mr. Scurll, yours too. I don't want you to give an answer tonight because you should never be put in that position. I just want you to walk away understanding how respected you are. And the fact that people in this industry show their ass and disrespect you only shows how much of a revolutionary and evolutionary in this industry you, sir, are.

"To which, I say this. This, and no I can't be your advocate on television because that job goes to Brock Lesnar. This, by the way, is my personal business card. Whoa-whoa-whoa, I assure you, it gets a lot better than this. I happen to have an attorney in New York who is great at immigration. The reason why I want you to call my office when I get back to the United States is so I can put you in touch with this attorney of immigration is because there's a dear friend of mine, he is a protégé of mine, he was my right hand man, not just Tommy Dreamer who was my right hand man, he was truly my protégé in ECW and his name is Gabe Sapolsky. And Gabe Sapolsky runs a company in the United States called EVOLVE. And EVOLVE is now truly one of the most progressive, innovative promotions in the world today. And I was speaking to Gabe Sapolsky last night because after you were kind enough, I was very honoured you accepted my invitation to come here, I said, 'man, this kid has everything'.

"I understand how hard you work with New Japan, by the way, don't ever let anybody screw that up for you. Keep on plying your trade and making a worldwide reputation in New Japan. But when you're not wrestling for New Japan, and if you choose to use an official attorney to want to work in the United States, EVOLVE wants you to know that if you're interested in signing a contract with them to perform in the United States, they do not want you to stop wrestling for New Japan, they would not stand in your way to go to NXT, they do not want you to stop your work for PWG, but if you feel like going to the United States and plying your magnificent trade in front of an EVOLVE audience, they would offer you that contract and they would be honoured, as anybody else would to have you call them home."

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