Sasha Banks On Reports Of Vince McMahon Thinking She's Injury Prone, "We Want Sasha" Chants, More

As noted, Sasha Banks took part in a Q&A at the Wizard World Comic Con last month in Philadelphia. We had only received video from the first half of the Q&A, which you can read here, where she discussed her recent concussion, how she got it, being a fan ff PWG And Zack Sabre Jr., NXT and more.

Wrestling Inc. reader Zalaphoto posted video of the full Q&A, which you can watch above. Here are highlights from the second half that we hadn't posted earlier:

* She was asked about men she would like to wrestle if WWE had intergender matches. She replied AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Shinsuke Nakamura.

* Stipulation matches she would like to have: steel cage match vs Bayley, ladder match

* Music she's listening to: Sole and the Skyrider Band, Drake

* She denies reports of Vince thinking she's injury prone. She noted that the concussion was her first injury and it wasn't her fault.

* "We Want Sasha" chants: sometimes she cringes when it distracts from a match but she really appreciates it.

* Her theme song: She didn't like it at first because it was too girly, but now she loves it and it is on her workout mix.

* She dreams to be a wrestling trainer or producer after she stops wrestling

* Other Promotions: Wanted to wrestle in Shimmer but they wanted her to change her name because they already had Mercedes Martinez. Would have been cool to work with PWG or Ring of Honor. Would love to wrestle in Japan.

* On the WrestleMania triple threat, she thought nobody was cheering because she couldn't hear it and was bummed out until she went back to watch it.

* If there was a Women's Tag Team Championship, she would want Bayley as her partner

* She prefers Marvel over DC

* If she could team with any past female wrestler dead or alive, she would pick Manami Toyota

* She watches TV to unwind. Likes The Mindy Project, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Nashville and Empire.