Welcome to Ring of Honor TV! Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to Concord, NC and we go right to the action.

Kamaitachi vs. Jay White

First out is Kaimatachi with The Addiction, as we go to footage of his role in helping the tag team champions retain their titles over Motor City Machine Guns at Best in the World. Jay White out next from Auckland, New Zealand, and Kevin Kelly tells us this is his debut match after recently graduating from the NJPW dojo.

White reaches in for the handshake but Kamaitachi unloads on Jay instead. Kamaitachi stomps a mudhole in Jay but the rookie fights back with a big forearm off the ropes. Loud chop from White and both men switch standing inside and out of the ring before Kamaitachi spears White through the ropes onto the floor.

Kamaitachi on the apron now and he lands a running double foot stomp on a standing White! Christopher Daniels looks on proudly as Kamaitachi sends White into the chairs and barricade. Jay White returns the favor but misses a knee and goes flying into the barricade again. Daniels with a clothesline on the outside while Kamaitachi argues with the ref in the ring.

Full control now for Kamaitachi, who exits the ring and runs White's leg into the post as we go to our first commercial break.

Back now and Kamaitachi brings Jay to the ground with a quick leg toss, dropping right into a figure four. White breaks at the ropes and pushes Kamaitachi off until he's able to find the strength to nail a DDT.

Jay White gets a second wind and delivers a series of strong elbows. Running uppercut forearm into the corner on Kamaitachi followed by a modified brainbuster, but White is unable to spring up because of the damage done by the figure four.

Instead White hops to the top rope and hits the missile dropkick for a close 2 count. White goes for a side slam but Kamaitachi flips him into a roll up for a near fall. A kick to the head and Kamaitachi is back on top as White looks out of it.

Kamaitachi to the top and he lands the double knee drop to White's head, but only gets a 2 count from the ref! White gets set up on Kamaitachi's shoulders, but he counters out for a dropkick into a modified urinagi.

White goes to suplex Kamaitachi, who has rolled over to the apron next to Daniels. As Jay attempts the suplex, Daniels pulls his feet for the interference and the save. White has had enough and lifts Daniels onto the apron, only for Daniels to get accidently dropped by a charging Kamaitachi.

White takes control of Kamaitachi and hits the Kiwi Crusher (Ki-Crusher style finisher)! Jay White gets the cover and the 3 for the upset win!

Winner (via pinfall): Jay White

The Addiction with the beat down on White after the match, but down the ramp come the Motor City Machine Guns to break it up and chase the tag champs from the ring.

Sabin said he's sick of The Addiction sticking their nose where they don't belong, and tells Kamaitachi that The Addiction are nothing but a "Bad Influence." Sabin suggests a 6-man tag, and Nigel says he's all in as we go to break!

The Addiction and Kamaitachi vs. MCMG and Jay White

Our new match begins with a double team sequence of kicks and stomps by The Addiction on Chris Sabin. Daniels in control and he tags in Kamaitachi to continue the beating. Big elbow and a dropkick for a two count.

Kazarian tags in and nails a running Russian leg sweep for another 2 count. Sabin powers up out of a facelock but Kazarian keeps up the numbers advantage in the Addiction's corner. Addiction with the double team neckbreaker and Alex Shelley runs in to break up the count. Shelley eats an STO by Daniels and The Addiction hit the double team leg drop for a close two count.

Sabin fights for his life in The Addiction's corner and sits on the top turnbuckle before grabbing Daniels by the head. Sabin overpowering Daniels now and manages to pull out a modified tornado DDT. This gives him just enough time to tag in Jay White, who clears out the ring with uppercuts and forearms. White to the top rope lands a missile dropkick on Daniels for a near fall.

White follows up with a powerslam and Kamaitachi dives in to break up the count. Everyone is in the ring now as Shelley lands a superkick on Kamaitachi. Motor City set Kazarian up and connect with their double team low dropkick. MCMG charge up and fly over the top rope to take out Kazarian and Kamaitachi on the outside for the crossbody in harmony!

Back in the ring now where Jay White and Christopher Daniels are the legal men. An STO from Daniels, who attempts to set White up for the BME. White counters with an arm drag followed by a dropkick and Kiwi Crusher for his second win of the night!

Winners (via pinfall): MCMG and Jay White

We go to a promo with Bullet Club members Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. Cole is upset about Nigel signing Kyle O'Reilly to a title match and not himself, especially since Jay Lethal has been avoiding him since Global Wars in Chicago. He says he's in another league than O'Reilly, and he intends to keep his promise of making sure his former tag team partner never wins the World Championship.

Back to the crowd at Concord, NC, where the newly debuted and largest tag team in ROH history, Shane Taylor and Keith Lee, make their way to the ring. We go to footage from Road to BITW '16 in Columbus, OH of this monster new team destroying War Machine.

Shane Taylor and Keith Lee vs. Victor Andrews and James Anthony

This is a beat down complete with loud double slaps by Keith Lee and a corner splash by Taylor to set up a big double standing splash. Keith Lee with a powerbomb and Taylor with a second rope splash for the quick victory.

Winners (via pinfall): Shane Taylor and Keith Lee

War Machine charge the ring and the big guys go at it. Keith Lee is left alone in the ring and dives over the top rope to take War Machine out! The big man tells us he's limitless as the winners make their exit.

Cut to a promo of Kyle O'Reilly and Jay Lethal building their upcoming ROH World Title match, which will take place over the entire episode of ROH TV next week!

BJ Whitmer makes his way to the ring with Kevin Sullivan, and we're shown photos of Whitmer vs. Steve Corino from BITW '16, which Kelly calls one of the most brutal matches in the history of ROH.

Whitmer explains to Steve why he aligned himself with Sullivan, and says when he was out of action in 2013 with a broken leg, his "spiritual father" told him that the "legacy of evil" was to be passed from Sullivan, to Corino, to Whitmer. BJ says Corino knew this, but kept it a secret, and Whitmer vowed to show Steve that he represents a different type of evil.

Sullivan says that Corino can go home to his family for now, but until he accepts that he's just an evil man, chaos will reign over ROH. The segment ends with Whitmer telling us he is an evil man.

Up next, Roderick Strong's final match in Ring of Honor!

Roderick Strong vs. Dalton Castle

Big match feel as the crowd knows this is the last time they will see Mr. ROH in an ROH ring for the foreseeable future. Both men measure each other up in the middle of the ring before a sequence of counters that leave both staring each other down. Lock up and they trade holds before a suplex from Castle, who attempts to ground Roddy until he makes a clean break at the ropes.

Roddy uses the rope break to his advantage and takes control of Castle by tossing him abdomen first on the top rope. Big running kick to a sitting Dalton followed by hard chops in the corner and a double underhook suplex for the 2 count. We go to commercial with Roddy in control.

We return to see Roddy dump Castle to the outside on the floor. Strong with the running slide out of the ring and he takes out one of the boys, which makes Dalton livid, but his anger doesn't help him avoid being tossed back first into the ring post!

Back in the ring and we get a near fall from Roderick Strong. Both men on their feet and Castle starts fighting back, suddenly connecting with a catch-German suplex out of nowhere. Dalton goes for the delayed German but Roddy counters, which leads to the set up for Bang-A-Rang. Roddy avoids the finisher and regains control with a flurry of kicks and big slam for 2.

Strong sets Castle up in the corner and lifts him to the top turnbuckle. Castle manages to fight him off, and now Roddy's the one up on the top of the ropes. Crossbody attempt from Strong but Castle catches and tosses him so hard that Roderick has to regroup on the outside.

Dalton sees Roddy on the outside and dives head first through the middle and bottom ropes to take him out. The Boys help Dalton "fan-up," and he manages to send Roddy into the barricade with a hurricanrana, setting back up in the ring for another dive between the ropes and hitting his target head first!

Both men back in the ring and Dalton hits the delayed German suplex for a close 2 count. Dalton with the toss and a back-drop driver, followed by a sequence of Germans for another near fall. Castle charges Strong in the corner but Roddy counters with a knee to the head!

Roddy now with knee after knee to Dalton in the corner, setting him up and hitting a beautiful superplex. The Gut-buster leads to the Sick Kick on Castle, but Roddy only gets the 2-Count! Strong pulls down the right knee pad, but Dalton Castle uses the time to his advantage and catches Roddy with Bang-A-Rang for the pinfall victory!

Winner (via pinfall): Dalton Castle

Join us next week for the hour-long ROH World Championship match between reigning champion Jay Lethal and challenger Kyle O'Reilly!

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