Source: Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Democrat has an interview with Kofi Kingston, who was promoting WWE's live event this Friday in Tallahassee. Below are a couple of highlights:

Being in The New Day:

"Right now, being in the New Day is the most fun I've had in my career, and I signed with the WWE in 2006. All three of us are usually on the same page with a lot of things, we got a chance to really know each other's personalities.

"Initially people didn't like what we were doing, but when they saw how much fun we were having, everyone wanted to be part of the New Day. When you see us out there having fun, people can't help but clap along and have fun too."

Facing The Wyatts at Friday's live event in Tallahassee:

"Well, you know, we're going to be taking on the Wyatt family, and we don't really like each other. I don't know what's going to happen, but they'll get to see me flying everywhere. Every time we get in the ring together it's really intense.

"The Wyatts in general are just really entertaining, in a strange type of way. Bray Wyatt is like seven feet tall and seven feet wide."

Kofi also discussed what he does when he's on the road, Tom Brady's suspension and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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