- USA Today recently did a piece on Disney animated movie "Moana," which stars former WWE Champion The Rock. Rock commented on his Maui character:

"He's also extremely selfish and lives for only the most important person in his life: himself. I've never played a character with this kind of personality and deep-down heartbreak. With all the characters I play, I'm usually the one galvanizing people around me to get better and 'Get the job done.' So this relationship between Maui and Moana, where Moana is the one inspiring Maui to greatness, is such a beautiful and powerful journey."

- Curtis Axel tweeted the following on his "Social Outcasts" partner Heath Slater having a segment on Tuesday's live WWE SmackDown:

- As seen below, WWE NXT "Takeover: Back 2 Brooklyn" will have several theme songs - "Serpents" by Neck Deep, "Giant" by Banks & Steelz and "Relentless" by Of Mice & Men.

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