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Recently, Mick Foley was interviewed by Tim Kail on The Work of Wrestling Podcast. Foley discussed his new position at the WWE as well as his thoughts on superstars like Finn Balor. This was Foley's first interview since becoming the New Raw General Manager.

Foley elaborated on his Role as RAW General Manager, including how much control he has in creative.

"The Raw GM opportunity came up and I was really glad my schedule was open." Foley also claims, "There are limitations to the role. People can read into that how they want to. I'm going to do my best being there on a weekly basis to make the show the best it can be." Foley elaborates, "People listening to this show know the limitations to being the GM."

Foley feels strongly that RAW should focus on the talent, rather the GM's.

"I think part of what making the show the best it can be is not making the show about the General Manager's. That's where Daniel and I are on the same page." Foley later stated, "I want the shows to be about the action."

On the subject of the WWE Draft, Foley confirmed of some say in drafting Charlotte early with Raw's second pick. "I was really persistent that we take a woman with our second or third choice (in the draft). Stephanie was on the same page."

Regarding Finn Balor, Foley dissected how The Demon will grow on the WWE Universe, using his Raw debut as an example.

"There were 4,000 out of the 12,000 there that knew who he was. Those 4,000 went crazy. Now when it comes down to doing his entrance only 1 of the 3 know the entrance." Foley says in time Balor will get more over. "A lot of people just watch RAW. Not everybody knows Fin Balor and now they get a chance to watch him grow. Probably in 4 to 6 weeks the 1/3rd people participating in his entrance will become 2/3rd."

Talking more on entrances, Balor's is one that reminds Foley of a certain time period in WWE history. "I think the entrances are really interesting because they harken back to the attitude era where there was audience participation and interaction. People get to do these entrances [you know] with the superstars."

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