Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently, on The Steve Austin Show, Vampiro returned to the podcast for another interview. Among other things, Lucha Underground's color commentator discussed today's professional wrestling product and whether he would like to return to the squared circle.

Apparently, Vampiro does not watch professional wrestling as a fan anymore because of the lack of psychology in the matches.

"I don't watch it as a fan anymore. Now, I watch it as, when we were rehearsing, when we were going over this, and I sat at home for three weeks trying to think of how to help you tell the story. And I'm sitting there and I see that you listened to me, then I'm into it. If you're just going to go out there and you brush me off, and you look at me, and you just kind of do flipping and flying, it doesn't do it for me. It doesn't do it for me." Vampiro elaborated, "if there's no logic, brother, if you get a beautiful Barbie doll girl, is that really going to turn your crank for the rest of your life or do you want somebody with some grit, some scar tissue, some experience? It's the same thing, right? Experience. Somebody who can kind of move you and compete with you and hold your curiosity and sometimes make you want to be a better person. Wrestling does that to you. You go to wrestling because you want to be a wrestler. You want to get rid of your stress. You're a fan. You're freaked out. You like the energy. But if it's just put together like a video game, it's like, 'what are we doing here?'"

Vampiro professed that rushing and going too fast are the biggest mistake problems in professional wrestling nowadays.

"I think the biggest thing that the kids are making, when I say 'kids', the younger people, are making, boys and girls, men and women, are you're going too fast. You're too quick. You punch a guy six time and before the fans can say that they've digested. You've already kicked and spun kicked and done a moonsault and you've kicked out. You don't sell the chair shots and you're back. Everything you just did, junk food, man. f--king waste. You just wasted all that talent. You didn't tell a f--king story. And I think that's the point."

Vampiro would like to wrestle again and would like to put over a younger talent. While Vamp would want to face off against Johnny Mundo, the man from Sarnia, Ontario admitted that he would make Mundo look bad at this point in his life.

"I'd like to, just because he's my friend and I respect him so much, but I wouldn't do it because I would embarrass him. He's too good. Johnny Mundo. I'd like to be in the ring with him just because he's so f--king good. But I wouldn't do it because I would look bad. He is just on another level. PJ Black, I'd like to work him just because we're old school guys and it would just be a good vibe, man. I'd love to do a job for a new up-and-comer and I'd like another program and give somebody the launching board they need to go. I could do it with anybody, man."

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