As seen above, on last night's episode of Talking Smack on the WWE Network, Renee Young and Daniel Bryan discussed Randy Orton facing Alberto Del Rio on last night's show. Bryan said that he wants to put good, competitive matches on SmackDown and noted that making matches like this makes bigger stars, and Del Rio would have come out a bigger star if he would have won.

Renee noted the damage that Del Rio and Orton did to each other with SummerSlam right around the corner, and asked him if it made him nervous to see that. Bryan replied no, and talked about having confidence in Orton, noting that Brock Lesnar "probably couldn't handle this" given that he only wrestles a couple of matches a year. Bryan said that if Lesnar had to wrestle Del Rio a couple of weeks before SummerSlam, that he "probably would not show up at SummerSlam."

Bryan brought up Dean Ambrose accusing Lesnar of being lazy on Steve Austin's podcast. Bryan went further and joked that "a lot of the guys on RAW are lazy because they are complacent and their managers are not as good as the SmackDown live managers."

Bryan went on to say that they are motivating Orton by not staying complacent while speculating that Lesnar just sat on his couch this past Monday. Bryan later noted that Lesnar is not lazy and does farm work all the time, but "he's not fighting like Randy Orton is every week."

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