The Big Show Retiring Soon?, Talks Getting Into Shape For End Of His WWE Run

The Big Show appeared on Sports Talk 790AM in Miami yesterday and discussed attending Miami Dolphins training camp, changes in pro wrestling, Conor McGregor's recent comments ripping WWE and more. Big Show also discussed the current shape he's in right now.

Big Show said that he's currently weighing about 429 pounds, and noted that he was 465 two and a half months ago. His goal is to get to 400 pounds.

Show also talked about his upcoming match with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal at WrestleMania 33 next year. Show noted that it would be his last year as a professional wrestler and that he wants "to go out athletically again with a bang." He added that he feels better now at 44 years old than he did a 34.

As noted, Big Show posted a photo this week on Twitter and he looked a lot leaner. You can check it out below: