John Cena Says He's Ready For Someone To Take His Spot, Reveals What It Would Take

As noted, John Cena appeared on last night's episode of Talking Smack on the WWE Network with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. During his appearance, Renee Young asked John Cena if AJ Styles could take his spot.

"I'm openly waiting for someone to step up and do that," Cena replied.

When Bryan asked what it would take for someone to do that, Cena said that it would take "absolute consistency."

"Everybody asks me, 'hey, when are you moving over?' It just fuels me to get stronger, faster and hone my craft more," Cena stated. "People have moments, moments that last in the annals of WWE history. But if you look at what I've done, I just show up all the time and deliver. I am waiting for someone after 14 years to show up all the time and deliver. You can ask many other WWE Superstars who know exactly how hard that is. I am just waiting for someone not to do it once, just to do it consistently better."