Edge Talks WWE RAW Being Too Long, The Last Time He Watched It, Working With Lana

Fansided has an interview with Adam "Edge" Copeland, who was discussing his upcoming WWE Studios movie Interrogation, which also features Lana. Below are some highlights:

Working with Lana in the movie:

"Working with Lana was enjoyable. I actually met her once before at a Raw taping. We were there and we met the new crop coming up to the main roster at the time. By the time she came onto the set, she had only 5 days to work. So they crammed all her scenes into those days. It was pretty intense seeing that as she did her scenes and then went back on the road with the company."

If the draft is a good move for WWE:

"The last one was great for the company. I was disappointed when the shows were merged together. I think RAW is just way too long being three hours. Last time I watched was when Shane returned and after that I said to myself, this is a long show. I got kids too, so goodnight! I think it gives people opportunities because they don't have to book the main people for RAW. Personally, I like the idea because there's no competition you have to build your own. That's what it was last time when I was there and hopefully it's the same this time around."

Edge also discussed The Edge & Christian Show, if there will be another season of it, if his children will enter the business and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Fansided