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Thanks again for hanging out with me for NXT. Tom Phillips welcomes us to NXT and we will hear from NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, later tonight. Shinsuke Nakamura will also be in action vs. Steve Cutler. Let's head straight to the ring for tag action.

TM61 vs. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

I like that they used the CWC graphics for Nese and Daivari to distinguish them from regular NXT talent. Shane Thorne starts it off against Nese. The premier athlete with a bevy of offense against Thorne to take the Aussies off guard. They each make tags and Miller and Daivari are in. Jaw breaker from Daivari sends Miller outside and Nese hits a twisting dive to the outside. Not to be outdone, Thorne launches himself almost too far to take out the other three competitors. Nese showing off his power with a dead lift suplex to Thorne and drapes him across the ropes. Nese follows with a big knee lift to the head. Tag made to Daivari who continues the assault. Thorne nearly makes a tag but is denied by Nese as we head to break.

We return to a rolling elbow from Daivari. Thorne able to escape for the tag to Miller. Open hand slaps from down under as Nese fires back with kicks of his own. TM61 with the hi-lo offense from basketball and Daivari breaks up a pin. Daivari hits a long distance frog splash and the pin is broken up. Thorne lands a swift clothesline, tags Miller. They deliver Thunder Valley for the three and victory.

Winners via Pinfall: TM61

- Tom Phillips sits down with Asuka for an exclusive interview. The champ says the Brooklyn crowd was crazy and she was excited. Asuka says Bayley was the heart of NXT, but she fought harder. She says the four horsewomen have been saved because they don't have to face her. She said she's very proud to be a champion of Japanese descent and sends a message to her home country in Japanese. When asked if she thinks anyone is ready for her, she says no one is ready for Asuka.

- We take a look outside Full Sail where Ember Moon prepares for her match.

- Backstage with Steve Cutler. He says Shinsuke hasn't sacrificed anything to be in NXT. He says he gave up four years of his life to be here and Shinsuke will at least respect him.

- Back to the ring for women's division action.

Leah Von vs. Ember Moon

Crowd obviously not smartened up to Ember's new entrance as there were crickets until she revealed herself in the light. Moon takes control with some acrobatics and a big clothesline. Side headlock and whipped into the rope for a spring board cross body. Von with a couple knees and a clothesline of her own. Von applies a rear chin lock but Moon fights her way out with the aid of the crowd. Moon almost seems offended that Von got in any offense and lays in some stiff kicks and a somersault elbow into the corner. Moon dives to the top for her Twisting Stunner which is an absolute thing of beauty. She gets the three.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

- Backstage with No Way Jose. He says Bobby Roode disrespected him. He says this is not the first time someone has disrespected him and he still hasn't changed. Jose says Roode will soon find out not to mess with No Way Jose.

- In the training room with Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. Trainer says with a couple more days rest, Ciampa can wrestle next week. Gargano announces that William Regal will give them a tag match at the CWC Finale if he is indeed cleared. They each vow to back after The Revival.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Austin Aries

Crowd split in their opinions of the "greatest man that ever lived." Some solid back and forth action, but Aries gets the upper hand and celebrates on the top rope. Almas with a beautiful jumping head scissors to take back control. Aries gets chased around the ring end ends up stopping Almas in his tracks with a boot. Almas back up and lands a corkscrew plancha to the outside. Aries heads to the top but is pushed off to the outside by Aries. We head to commercial.

Back from break and Aries remains in control. Aries working the crowd and enjoying his heel move set to his utmost ability. Speaking of which, he locks in a rear chin lock. Almas fights out but is denied and brought back in by Aries. Austin hung up in the ropes and a reverse kick from Almas. Andrade lines up for the double knees but is met in the corner by a drop kick to the face from Aries. Aries hangs Almas up top and joins him. Almas fights out and pushes him down. Almas goes for the moonsault, misses, but does a standing moonsault that connects. Now both men in the center of the ring for a slap fest. Almas goes for the double knees again but Aries slips out of the way. Almas goes for another head scissors take down from the top, but Aries reverses it into a power bomb into the Last Chancery. Almas has to tap and Aries gets the W.

Winner via Submission: Austin Aries

- During commercial, another "sanity" vignette airs. We also find out that No Way Jose will take on Bobby Roode next week on NXT.

- Samoa Joe joins the commentary team for the next match as we go to the ring for tonight's main event.

Steve Cutler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Becoming a bit popular on the Florida house show circuit, Cutler gets a louder than anticipated reaction, but still nothing compared to the incomparable Nakamura. The feel each other out early, but Nakamura lands a kick to the side of Cutler's head. Good Vibrations in the corner. The crowd asks for it again, and Nakamura obliges. Cutler tosses Shinsuke into the top turn buckle and stomps a mud hole in the champ. Cutler with the fourth rear chin lock we've seen this evening. Cutler goes for a suplex but Nakamura blocks with a knee followed by a big right hand once he's upright. Running knee in the corner as Cutler is draped across the top. This sets up Nakamura for the Kinshasa and the three count in a showcase win.

Winner via Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

- Samoa Joe not exactly talkative on commentary during the match, but sends a stare Nakamura's way after the match from commentary. Nakamura plays the belt like a violin and continues to celebrate as Samoa Joe exits stage left and we head off the air.

Thanks for joining us for tonight's WWE NXT!

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