Matt Morgan On Vince McMahon's Gym Antics, His Intensity In The Weight Room

As we previously reported, Vince McMahon injured himself while training earlier this week and will be required to undergo surgery. During yesterday's episode of the WINC podcast, which you can listen to in the video above, former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan commented on Vince McMahon's recent injury and recalls 'The Chairman of the Board's' intensity in the weight room. Morgan tried for months to meet McMahon at the gym in WWE headquarters, and finally ran into him.

"He always wore the same — he wore always black," Morgan said. "He'd always wear black sweat pants — actually what he'd end up wearing to the ring, like versus Stone Cold. Always black sweats, black tank top, anyways he's jacked as you can imagine. But, dude super intense. I'm talking like, really screaming loud from across the gym intense. Exactly what you think he'd be doing, it's not a gimmick.

"Because I was a mark in the Vince character I was talking to at this point, I didn't know him personally yet, right? I thought this was who he really is, he is who that character is to a degree. As far as the whole veins really bulging out everywhere, and just making loud noises with every single rep he did. He's strong as hell, no joke. I don't know, if he's injured because of weight lifting that makes sense that he'll be back by Wednesday."

You can watch the full episode of the podcast in the video player above. Morgan's comments about McMahon are at the 56:45 mark.