The Superstars opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Braun Strowman and Sin Cara make their entrances as Tom Philips and Corey Graves check in on commentary.

Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara rolls out of the way of an attack from Strowman. Sin Cara kicks Strowman twice before chopping him and hitting the ropes. Strowman picks Sin Cara up, Sin Cara is able to escape though. Sin Cara locks in a waist lock on Strowman. Strowman elbows Sin Cara. Sin Cara ducks a clothesline and attempts a moonsault off the second rope, Strowman catches him and drives him into the turnbuckle before slamming him to the mat. Strowman chops Sin Cara, before standing him. Strowman locks in a shoulder lock. Sin Cara briefly fights out of it, Strowman chops him on the back. Strowman locks in a chinlock. Sin Cara hits a jawbreaker to escape the chinlock. Strowman knees Sin Cara before throwing him out of the ring. Strowman exits the ring as Sin Cara gets back in it. Sin Cara dropkicks Strowman, preventing him from getting back in the ring. Sin Cara hits a suicide dive on Strowman. Sin Cara gets back in the ring and hits the ropes as Strowman gets back in the ring as well. Strowman hits a modified clothesline. Strowman gets Sin Cara up in a Razor's Edge position, before spinning him while slamming him to the mat in what appears to be a new finisher. Strowman pins Sin Cara for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

A recap of the Highlight Reel from RAW is shown featuring Chris Jericho hitting Sami Zayn in the face with his cell phone before a Code Breaker, setting up a match between the two for Clash of Champions.

A recap of the Triple Theat Match from RAW is shown featuring Sasha Banks defeating Dana Brooke and Bailey for the opportunity to face RAW Women's Champion Charlotte at Clash of Champions for the title.

Neville, Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund), Titus O'Neil and Curtis Axel make their entrances.

Titus O'Neil & Curtis Axel vs. Neville & Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund)

Axel and Young start the match. They lock up. Axel locks in a wrist lock, before switching to a headlock. Young eventually is able to shift the momentum and lock in a wrist lock of his own on Axel. Young switches to a headlock. Axel knees Young in the ribs. Axel briefly locks in another headlock before Young pushes him to the ropes. Axel hits a shoulder block on Young. Axel hits the ropes, Young hits a hip toss on him prior to an arm drag. Young hits a scoop slam on Axel. Young hits a Vertical Senton before pinning Axel for a two count. Young locks in a wrist lock, as Neville is tagged in. Neville hits a missile dropkicks to Axel's wrist. Young and Neville both take Axel down to the mat. Neville hits a Standing Shooting Star Press on Axel. Neville pins Axel for a two count. Neville briefly locks in a front headlock before being backed into the corner by Axel. Axel knees Neville in the midsection. Axel brings Neville to the heel corner and attacks him as O'Neil is tagged in. O'Neil slaps Neville in the chest. O'Neil picks up Neville, but Neville escapes. Neville kicks O'Neil several times. O'Neil throws Neville into the corner. Neville connects with a boot to the face of O'Neil. O'Neil runs at Neville, Neville gets his feet up, sending O'Neil to the mat. Neville goes to the top turnbuckle. Axel starts walking towards him on the apron. Neville boots Axel in the face. Before Neville can attack Axel again, O'Neil connects with a boot of his own to him, sending Neville off the apron to the outside as we head into a commercial break.

O'Neil hits a scoop slam on Neville as we return from commercial. Axel is tagged in. Axel locks in a shoulder submission on Neville. Neville eventually fights out of it. Axel throws Neville to the ropes. Axel dropkicks Neville. Axel locks in a headlock on Neville. Neville hits a jawbreaker. Axel throws Neville out of the ring. O'Neil is tagged in. O'Neil jumps off the ring apron, and slams Neville into the barrier at ringside. O'Neil rolls Neville back into the ring and pins him. Neville grabs the bottom rope. O'Neil throws Neville to the ropes. Neville goes for a cross body, O'Neil catches him though. O'Neil tosses Neville while starring at Young, Neville lands on his feet. Neville superkicks O'Neil. O'Neil tags in Axel, as Neville tags in Young. Young ducks a clothesline attempt and punches Axel several times. Young clotheslines Axel twice. Young suplexes Axel. Young slams Axel on the ring apron prior to pinning Axel, only for O'Neil to break up the fall. Neville gets in the ring. O'Neil throws Neville over the too rope, Neville lands on the ring apron. O'Neil runs at Neville, Neville pulls the top rope down, sending O'Neil to ringside. Neville dodges an attack from Axel. Young hits Axel with a rolling elbow. Neville kicks O'Neil at ringside. Young hits a Gut Check on Axel before pinning him for the win.

Winner: Neville & Darren Young

A recap of the main event from Raw is shown to close the show featuring Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeating Roman Reigns with an assist from United States Champion Rusev.

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