This week's episode kicks off with a recap video of the last few week's shows. The Trios champs feud with Worldwide Underground, Dario Cueto finding out that Cortez Castro is an undercover agent for the LAPD and Dario Cueto booking Rey Mysterio as a referee in tonight's match between his student, El Dragon Azteca Jr and Chavo Guerrero.

Dario Cueto is approaching Sexy Star in her locker room. Star is holding her Gift of The Gods title. Dario tells Star that she looks worried after his brother Matanza injured The Mack last week. Dario asks Star if she is afraid for her friend or for herself. Sexy Star stands up and tells Dario Cueto that she will never be afraid ever again. Dario says that she should be afraid. He offers her a proposition. Continue defending her gift of the gods title, which Cueto says she will eventually lose or prove that she is not afraid by fighting Matanza for The Lucha Underground Championship. Dario tells her to not have any fear because that match will not happen tonight. Instead, Dario has another match scheduled for her. Sexy Star will team up with The Trios Champions against Worldwide Underground. As Cueto leaves, Johnny Mundo runs by yelling for Taya. He stops and looks at Sexy Star. Tells her that after all this time, He hasn't introduced himself. He shakes her hand and says that he is going to be the next Gift of The Gods champion. They stare each other down and as Mundo leaves, Sexy kicks her locker in frustration.

We are in The Temple now. Matt Striker and Vampiro introduce the audience to this week's show. They hype up tonight's main event with the winner getting a chance at revenge against Pentagon Dark.

Sinestro De La Muerte Vs Prince Puma

Prior to the match starting. The commentators make mention of the loose alliance between Sinestro and Puma's chief rival Mil Muertes. Fast paced high flying start to this match with Prince Puma winning the opening exchange with Sinestro. Puma then transitions to a more physical style with hard strikes and more aggressiveness than he has shown in the past. Sinestro makes a good showing for himself and rallies to even the odds in this match but this match is all about Prince Puma debuting a new style in Lucha Underground. As Puma is preparing to finish off Sinestro. Out comes Mil Muertes with Catrina. Muertes runs into the ring and charges at Puma. Puma sidesteps his spear attempt as Muertes falls to the floor. Sinestro tries to take advantage of Muertes distraction but fails to do so. Puma has a chance to put away Sinestro but refuses to do immediately. He instead stares down Muertes at ringside and hits Sinestro with Mil's finisher "The Flatliner" to get the victory.

Prince Puma defeats Sinestro De La Muerte

Post match. Puma dives onto Muertes at ringside and starts pummeling him. Catrina pulls Muertes away from Puma and they leave as Puma stands tall in the ring.

Back from the show's first break. Cortez Castro is entering Dario Cueto's office. Castro sees Dario and says "You wanted to see me Boss". Dario stands up and gives Castro a very strong hug. Dario says he wanted to see how his man Cortez Castro is doing. Dario says that he feels bad about what happened to Francisco and wants to find out who killed him. Dario says he will do whatever it takes to bring the real killer to justice. Castro stares at Cueto intently. Cueto tells Castro that life must go on. As Castro is leaving the office, He hears Melissa Santos in the background announcing his name. Castro turns to Cueto and Dario says "and so the show must go on as well". Dario goes over to Castro and tells him that he is giving him the match of his career. Castro leaves the office and heads to the ring.

Matt Striker is on commentary saying that he just got word that there will be a bonus match tonight. Mentions Castro looking unprepared as he comes out of Dario Cueto's office. Castro's opponent is announced as Pentagon Dark.

Pentagon Dark Vs Cortez Castro

Castro starts off the match on the offensive but the tables turn quickly. Pentagon Dark beats down Castro as he stares down Vampiro at ringside. Pentagon makes quick work of Castro and hits the package piledriver for the victory.

Pentagon Dark defeats Cortez Castro

Post match. Pentagon Dark breaks the arm of Cortez Castro. His customary move for all of his opponents. Pentagon Dark gets on the mic to address the believers in The Temple. He states that it doesn't matter who wins between the old man Chavo Guererro or that "skinny punk" Dragon Azteca. They will suffer the same fate of broken bones. He says in the ring, He doesn't even respect his own mother because he has zero fear.

The show returns from the break for this upcoming "Atomicos Match". An old Lucha libre term for a match with explosive elements. Usually refers to the potential of an explosive match resulting from an unlikely pairing.

Aerostar, Fenix, Drago & Sexy Star Vs Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, P.J. Black & Taya

The action starts off with both women. The fans chant for both women before they begin battle. Taya gets the upperhand early on but Sexy rallies and hits a huracanrana. Drago is tagged in and Jack Evans is tagged in as well. Rather than battling Drago, Jack Evans does a bunch of flips showing off his athletic ability and than tags out to PJ Black. Drago and Aerostar then team up doing tandem moves on PJ. PJ eventually escapes and tags in Johnny Mundo. Aerostar and Mundo put on an aerial display of which Aerostar ends up coming out on top. He tags in Fenix but Mundo is lying in wait and superkicks him. Fenix rallies and hits a springboard elbow followed by a stiff kick. Fenix tags in Sexy Star and they do some tandem offense on Johnny Mundo. Fenix suplexes Star on top of Mundo. Johnny Mundo pulls Sexy into the Worldwide Underground corner and all 4 members start stomping on Star's head. The Underground takes turns beating up on Sexy Star. After a few minutes of this. Sexy Star battles back and is able to tag in her partner Drago. The Trios champs now have Mundo in their corner. Aerostar hits a springboard codebreaker on Mundo, Drago follows with a tornado DDT and that is capped off by a Fenix splash. PJ Black breaks up the potential 3 count. Now the Worldwide Underground are all in the ring with The Trios Champs. Chaotic action ensues. Several aerial moves to the outside. During this frantic pace, It appears that Taya may have injured her leg as she is screaming at ringside. The commentators make mention of it. Meanwhile back in the ring, Jack Evans counters Sexy Star and gets a backslide pin for the victory.

The Worldwide Underground defeat The Trios Champions & Sexy Star

Post match. The Worldwide Underground is celebrating their victory in the ring. They stop celebrating and show concern and head to the ringside floor to check on the injured Taya. Taya appears to be clutching her left leg. Worldwide Underground carries her backstage as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Mil Muertes and Catrina are with Sinestro De La Muerte in a darkened part of The Temple. Sinestro is seated with Muertes and Catrina standing over him. Catrina says that Sinestro is sorry but that he has failed them for the last time. Catrina then strikes Sinestro with some type of electric charge that presumably kills him. Catrina then inhales what appears to be Sinestro's spirit and sends it to Mil Muertes. Catrina turns to Muertes and says that she now wants him to do the same thing to Prince Puma.

Back in the temple for tonight's main event.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. Vs Chavo Guererro Jr w/Rey Mysterio as Referee

Chavo starts off the match out wrestling Azteca. Using a side headlock and taking the action to the ground. Azteca eventually rallies using his speed and youth to turn the momentum in his favor. Then turns to his own mat wrestling. Chavo and Azteca spend the next few minutes countering each others moves. Chavo gaining the upperhand in each exchange by using his smarts. Chavo wrestling a very old school style in this match. Everytime, Azteca would rally and mount some offense. Chavo would shoot him down quickly. The on-going story of this match. Chavo making a point to Rey's student. At one point, Chavo gets Azteca in an arm breaker. Chavo claims that Azteca tapped and starts yelling at Rey. Rey tells him that El Drago did not tap out and the match continues. Rey threatens to ring the bell when Chavo shoves him. Chavo then cheap shots Rey. Rey is laying on the mat and then gets up and strikes Chavo. Ateca rises and hits a huracanrana on Chavo and pins him.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. defeats Chavo Guererro Jr.

Post match. Chavo is irate as Rey raises Azteca's hand in victory. Chavo charges at Rey. Mysterio side steps him and Chavo eats a 619. The show is the wrapped up by Matt Striker and Vampiro.

We are then taken to a scene where, The Black Lotus is speaking and she is telling someone that she has destroyed the man that killed them. As Lotus is lighting candles, She says that her work at the temple is not done. That she is summoning the Black Lotus Triad to go after Pentagon Dark. That they will show Pentagon what fear really looks like. Black Lotus stands up and behind her are black hooded men in ninja like attire. They stand by her side as she stands proud and determined. The show comes to an end.

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