Billy Corgan appeared on ESPN Radio's The Dan Le Batard Show moments ago and discussed the current state of TNA. Things have not changed since yesterday, and a sale has not been finalized.

Corgan was asked about WWE being interested in buying TNA and how you win a bidding war with Vince McMahon. Corgan said that you don't, and McMahon could buy it if he wanted to and there's nothing anyone "or God" can do to stop him. As of this moment, it hasn't happened and he doesn't think it will, and he hopes that he would know since he's involved in the process of buying the company and owns a piece.

Corgan noted that there is currently "a gunfight" with who will get control of the company. He wouldn't say 100% that Bound For Glory will happen this Sunday, but that that he hopes everything will be resolved. He doesn't think everyone involved would want a situation where everyone is put out of work. He's spoken to talent that have told him to not take a bad deal.

When asked about the issues he is currently facing regarding the sale, Corgan talked about pro wrestling struggling with revenue and noted that a wrestling show will generate much lower ad revenue than another show with similar (or lower) ratings. He said that there is a money struggle, but also a creative one on what the company will look like. He said that the low ad rates are due to the perception of wrestling, and he wants to change that.

Corgan said that WWE has really been the only company that has had a winning philosophy in the business. He said that while they've had a winning philosophy, there are different ways you can do business. He made a comparison of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, noting how they're both completely different but successful. He wants to create a different kind of product with TNA, and one of the struggles has been that there are others who have a completely different vision for how the company should be. He also said that TNA needs consistent capital in order to promote and grow the company, which they haven't had in a long time.

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