Bill Goldberg On If He Is Returning To WWE, Brock Lesnar Rematch, Vince McMahon Relationship, More

Former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg talked with Jonathan Coachman on tonight's ESPN SportsCenter "Off The Top Rope" segment.

After plugging the WWE 2K17 video game and talking about Goldberg's NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons, they talked about training, WCW and more. He commented on how he loves showing his son the old clips on YouTube from his wrestling days.

Coach says its been 12 years since Goldberg last wrestled. They talked about him being in the video game and Coach asked about his involvement. Goldberg says his relationship with WWE hasn't been great. He mentioned his one year run with WWE and says things have changed now that now he has a 10 year old son and wants him to see what his dad used to be. He says he got involved with the video game to let his son experience the hero aspect of his dad.

Coach asked Goldberg about his time in WWE, what he remembers and regrets. Goldberg says he had a great time but a temulterous time. He wishes he was more mature at the time but he's grateful of the opportunity, and how he was a superhero to kids for a short period of time.

Coach asks about his relationship with Vince McMahon. Goldberg says that he hasn't spoken with Vince since he left the business but he believes they will speak at some point, adding that things were different back in the day. Being a part of the video game has given him a chance to think about things he hasn't been apart of in a while.

Coach asks about a possible in-ring return. Goldberg says he's been preparing to answer that for 12 years. He says he's an old man now that he is 49 years old. Ric Flair could pull it off at that age but he doesn't know if he could. He says he has a boy and a wife that haven't seen him wrestle and that he has a new generation of kids that don't know anything about it and he wants to show people what he can do. He wants to be that guy again but is afraid that he could tarnish his legacy if he came back at this age. He really wants to do it but reality wise, he wonders if it's a smart move.

Goldberg also says he doesn't owe Brock Lesnar a rematch, that he prospered off the first match and won. But if he came back that would be the match. He also says Brock is the man.

Coach asks how long it would take him to get ready to get back in the ring. Goldberg says he really doesn't know, never say never and that if anyone could do it, it would be him. He says he's going to talk to his family and see what they say and want him to do. He doesn't want to bastardize what he has done before. He says, "Give me until the end of the year for God's sake."