R-Truth On Vince McMahon Preferring Him As A Babyface, His Lengthy WWE Run, Pinnacle Of His Career

Recently on Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, WWE Superstar R-Truth talked about his longevity in professional wrestling, and WWE in particular, and the importance of learning the business side of professional wrestling. Also, R-Truth talked about the pinnacle of his professional wrestling career, and his relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

R-Truth attributes his lengthy run with WWE to being around a lot of very important people and learning the business.

"I've been around for a while. I've learned and soaked the game up as much as I could. I've been around some really important people, some very educated people, that knew the game, the ins, the outs, and taught me and let it bleed down on me. So I was taken up under many people's wing, and I was able to learn the business."

According to the former WWE United States Champion, returning to WWE after approximately six years is analogous to graduating from college.

"Me coming back, I think I grew up. I graduated. When K-Kwik left and came back, it's almost like I went to college and I graduated and came back a man. I knew who the R-Truth character was. I can be your best friend, I can be your worst enemy, I can be happy, I can be sad. I can take you down that emotional roller coaster because I am all those characters in one."

During the podcast, R-Truth claimed that main eventing WWE Survivor Series (2011) was the pinnacle of his professional wrestling career because he got to share the ring with John Cena and The Rock.

"Cena and The Rock, that was, I felt, the pinnacle, man. To be in the ring with Cena and The Rock, I mean, I remember me and The Miz looking at each other like, 'we did it - we're here'. Regardless of the outcome, we're there. How many people can say that they [were] there?"

On the subject of McMahon, R-Truth said he has a good relationship with McMahon. R-Truth went on to say that 'The Genetic Jackhammer' prefers the babyface version of R-Truth to his work as a heel.

"Vince likes to keep you on your toes. Oh yeah, he keeps you on your toes. He's a cool dude, man." R-Truth said, "Vince, he [does not] mind me as a villain. He just gave me that because it came out of nowhere. Vince will always see R-Truth as a babyface. He loves me as a babyface. I'm a babyface. I like smiling. I like making people smile [and] laugh. I like flattering people. I just like bringing out emotions in people and Vince knows that. And he [said] 'you can never be a bad guy - you're too much of a babyface.'"

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Source: Sam Robertsí Wrestling Podcast


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