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WWE Hall Of Famer and former WWE Champion Edge was this week's guest on ESPN's Off The Top Rope segment with Jonathan Coachman, and you can check out some highlights from their conversation below:

How it feels to be back with the guys backstage:

"It's probably the best part. The adrenaline rush you get from the audience, that's amazing, but just to come back, and usually I'm popping back once a year or that kind of thing, so when I get to see Dolph Ziggler or I run into Kane, and bounce off of him because he's a monster, it's amazing. It's like throwing on an old shoe, you might not see everybody for like a year or two years, but as soon as you walk back in it's like old home week. It's the part I miss the most."

His thoughts on Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg II:

"It ain't gonna be pretty. It's gonna be two big hausses, I don't know how else to explain that. It's two Brahma Bulls. I've been in there with Brock, dude's a freak, there is no other way to explain what he is and what he can do from an athletic standpoint. Bill will run through you. So what happens when you have two guys like that? Man, it's going to be beastly. That's the only way I can think to explain it. Having been in there with Brock and not been in there with Bill, I know what Brock can do. I don't know from a first hand standpoint what Bill can do. So if I gotta pick a winner I say Suplex City, but Bill is a best and I've seen his strength. It's pick'em. I don't know who wins."

If he is surprised by Goldberg's decision to come back against Lesnar:

"A little, yeah. But I also understand the reasoning too. I get having his son now, and wanting to perform, and be that super hero, even if it's one last time for his little boy and for his wife to see that. Those are good reasons. Those are amazing reasons. And to be able to still athletically be able to pull it off, like you said, the dude has mitts. I mean, he's been staying in shape, he looks the part still, and I'm assuming that's because he still is the part. It'll be very interesting, but I know from being in there with Brock -- at that point in my career I was 6'4 240 pounds and Brock was as fast as me. Except he was 6'2 300. So that's crazy when you think of it in terms in just the physicality that that guy brings to the table."

Whose Spear is better, his or Goldberg's?:

"It depends on how you look at it. Bill is gonna run through you with his, I was gonna hit you from a ladder with mine. I had to come up with creative ways with mine. I'll jump off a 20 foot ladder and hit you mid-air with mine. Bill ain't gonna do that, but I'm not 275 so I'm not gonna run through you like Bill. I think as an opponent in the backstage the guys would rather take mine."

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