The Rock On His Beloved Ford F150 Truck, WWE Christmas Ornaments, WWE SmackDown Top 10 Video

- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's WWE SmackDown in Ottawa.

- As seen below, WWE Shop has released several new Superstar Christmas ornaments:

- The Rock recently spoke with The LA Times to promote Disney's "Moana" movie and commented on his beloved Ford F150 truck that he always has shipped to movie sets, along with his girlfriend, his daughter, his housekeeper and his French bulldog. Rock said:

"I get it shipped everywhere. Maybe I'll get therapy one day for this, but there's nothing that brings me joy, like, 'I'm gonna go buy this yacht or Ferrari.' But my truck is jacked up. There's an 8-inch lift on it, it has big country tires on it ? I call it brown neck. That's my thing. I'm not into sports cars. I can't fit into them. And I can't have people drive me. I don't like service that way. Maybe I'll get therapy for that too."

Apparently this is not the same truck that Rock gifted his uncle, former WWE star Haku, for Christmas in 2015.