Becky Lynch Talks Being A Wild Child, Parents' Reaction To Becoming A Wrestler, Main Roster Vs. NXT

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, the inaugural WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion, Becky Lynch, talked about her parents' reaction to her wanting to become a professional wrestler, being a "wild child", and the differences between NXT and WWE's weekly live shows, Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live.

Lynch acknowledged that while her father was supportive of her getting into professional wrestling, her mom was not. Moreover, Lynch claimed that her mother's frosty reaction was part of why she quit professional wrestling for several years.  

"My dad was always behind whatever I wanted to do. My mom had a tougher time with it. When I first told her, so originally when I told her I was wrestling, actually, I said I was doing Brazilian jiu jitsu. And when she found out I was doing wrestling, she hit the roof."

Lynch continued, "and that was a big thing about my leaving the business in the first place because I was out there on my own, Toblerone, I was just rambling around the world without a plan. And for any mother, I think you're looking at your 19 year old daughter who's off in America, off in Japan, but with nobody looking after her and you're like, 'oh my God!', like, 'stop it! Get a job! Stay here. Let me look after you.'"

Lynch admitted that she was a "wild child" for two years, drinking alcohol and hanging out with friends.

"That would have been when I was younger. Younger, before I started wrestling. I was a bit of a wild child. I was a wild child. I was a wild child."

With respect to the differences between being on SmackDown Live or RAW and NXT, Lynch professed that she was always more comfortable on the main roster than NXT. 'Maiden Ireland' indicated that performers get more time in NXT to work on their matches and the like.

"I actually always felt more comfortable on RAW and SmackDown than NXT. Yes, the bigger crowd I'm more comfortable in front of. Smaller crowd, less comfortable. I don't know why. Yeah. As soon as I came out on RAW, always felt just, 'I'm at home'. NXT was less comfortable for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's the smaller crowds and getting a reaction is harder." Lynch added, "but as far as NXT goes, you're training there six days a week or five days a week, you're doing your shows three days a week. And then, we've got tapings once a month, so there's more material and your mind is constantly going, constantly running new things, so you're constantly thinking. Sometimes, the weekly show, you've got to get it done. You've got a story to go to and you have to think right there on the spot. In NXT you've got a longer time to work on different things."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show