TNA 'Total Nonstop Deletion' Results (12/15): 'Tag Team Apocalypto', World Title Match And More

"Total Nonstop Deletion"
The Hardy Compound In Cameron, North Carolina

Total Nonstop Deletion begins with Senor Benjamin. He reads a disclaimer to the viewers in Spanish. The subtitles appear on screen and they read "Good Evening, Tonight's Impact Broadcast contains scenes that are performed by trained and licensed professionals. Please do not attempt any of what you are about to see". An onscreen disclaimer follows this, that says that no drones were harmed during this event.

This is followed by a video. Reby Hardy is playing "Obsolete" on a piano next to The Reincarnation Lake. Broken Matt is on Scarsguard in the Lake. Brother Nero is on the grounds, preparing to carve out his symbol. Senor Benjamin is carrying explosives. Preparing the compound for battle. "King Maxel" is inside a wrestling ring indoors. He stares at the ring entrance. Which is a painting of his father's face.

We now cut to an "Action News" special report from WCAM News in Cameron, North Carolina. Tag Team Apocalypto is previewed by the news anchor. He warns residents to stay indoors during this battle. They report seismic activity at The Hardy compound. They go on the scene with reporter "Betty Sue Fuentes". She is standing in front of a live volcano. She interviews nearby witnesses. One of them happens to be "Itchweeed". He is listed as a landscaping consultant. Pulls out his weedwacker and scares off the reporter.

An aerial view of the compound is provided by Vanguard 1. Josh Mathews intros the event. He is at the "Dome of Deletion". He is doing the broadcast with Jeremy Borash. A ring is set up inside the compound. Local fans are on hand in attendance. The Broken Hardy's and Senor Benjamin head to the ring. Broken Matt addresses the crowd. He hypes Tag Team Apocalypto. Says that the 7 deities told him that if the Hardy's lose tonight. That they will be deleted and promises that it will not happen. Matt then hypes up his son Maxel's in ring debut tonight. Rockstar Spud's music hits and he interrupts Broken Matt, and heads to the ring.

Broken Matt says that Spud is a man worthy of deletion. Spud says that he will not be deleted tonight. Rockstar says that he is sick of The Hardy's, Senor Benjamin, Reby, but most of all. He is sick of Matt's "greenhorn" son Maxel. Spud says that he wants Matt's stupid kid gone. Spud gets upset because the crowd chants for Maxel. Says that Maxel is more over than he has ever been. This upsets him. Spud challenges Maxel to a match. Promises to stretch him and teach him a lesson. Wants to make him a loser just like his father. Broken Matt says that he already had an opponent scheduled for Maxel, but as promoter, He will change Maxel's opponent and sanction Spud as the replacement. Spud says that he is going to teach Maxel a lesson and beat him before promoters can push him to the moon. Matt calls on a licensed official and then introduces his son to the ring.

King Maxel w/Reby Hardy vs. Rockstar Spud

Maxel arrives to the ring in a mini Mercedes benz. He does the delete gesture when he gets into the ring. Senor Benjamin sneaks up behind Spud and tazes him. Maxel performs a perfect cover and pins Rockstar Spud.

King Maxel defeats Rockstar Spud by pinfall in about 16 seconds

Disco Inferno is shown backstage, looking through the curtain. He says that "Thank God it wasn't him tonight".. The implication, that he was originally scheduled to face King Maxel.

Another Action News report airs after the break. Betty Sue Fuentes is live on the scene reporting. She is near a closed road, preventing people from coming to The Hardy Compound. Shane Helms shows up with Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett in a pickup truck. The reporter warns them that there is a natural disaster nearby. Helms says that he is used to those. He tells her to "stand back because he is coming through". The Helms Dynasty drives through the road signs.

The Rock and Roll Express arrive to Matt Hardy's home. Matt greets them at his front door. Calls them the forefathers of tag team wrestling. Offers them green beans. Ricky Morton asks Matt for beer. Then thanks God for making crazy people, because there is a "bunch of us"..... We go back to the Action News broadcast. The anchor, Gilbert Corsey says that he is excited about The Express and The Hardy's wrestling. Wants to call his bookie and bet on that match.

Sienna is now inside the Dome of Deletion. She calls out anyone to face her in the ring. Out comes Vanguard 1. The referee comes down to the ring. He says that he will not allow a drone to wrestle a woman. According to commission rules. He then bans Vanguard 1 from the ring.

Sienna grabs the mic and says, that she should have specified a person, when she laid down her open challenge. The camera pans to a food truck on the outside of the Dome. Coming out of the truck is O.D.B. She heads to the ring with her trusty flask in hand.

O.D.B. vs. Sienna

ODB style match here. It starts off as a brawl. She gets the early advantage. Then hits a bronco buster on Sienna in the corner. Follows that up with what could be called a Lou Chest Press rather than a Lou Thesz press. Borash and Mathews clown around on commentary about the compound setting. Josh talks about there being no 5 star hotels nearby. Any chance, We can delete Josh Mathews tonight..... Action continues in the ring. Sienna regains the advantage on ODB, when she accidentally knocks down the referee. She delivers a kick to ODB, and then goes to get a steel chair on the outside. Sienna tries to hit ODB with the chair, She misses and ODB ends up hitting her with it. ODB has Sienna pinned. Vanguard 1 is on the scene and heads inside the ring to make the 3 count. The fallen ref is back up and stops Vanguard from counting to 3. Sienna is back up and hits the silencer on ODB and pins her for the victory.

Sienna defeats O.D.B.

By virtue of this win. Sienna is announced as the # 1 contender to Rosemary's Knockouts Championship. After the match. Sienna celebrates her victory and then leaves. A recovering ODB spots Vanguard One beside her in the ring. She lifts VG1 up and rubs her chest on him. I mean it.

Broken Matt Hardy is backstage, and The Helms dynasty has arrived. Matt assumes that Trevor Lee is in costume. Says that his costume is worse than the one he had on at Treat or Delete. Shane informs Matt that Trevor is not wearing a costume. That he always looks like that. Shane says that they are entering Tag Team Apocalypto. "Scribe" is now on the scene and takes notes for Matt. Matt tells him that tonight, someone here will enter the Lake of Reincarnation and that it will be the most appaling reincarnation ever seen. Matt tells Shane that he can't wait to render The Helms Dynasty obsolete.

Back from the break. A video airs for "Itchweeed". He is set to make his in ring debut. He arrives at The Compound and heads to the ring.

House Hardy Rules
Itchweed vs. Chet Sterling

The match doesn't last long. Sterling gets in very little offense. Each Itchweeed move is followed up an Itchweeed graphic during the replay.... Itchweeed puts a sleeper hold on Sterling and puts himself to sleep as well.

Both men are down. The fans chant "Wake Up". Itchweeed eventually gets himself a table, sets it up on the outside. Insert Chet Sterling on top of the table. Itchweeed hits a flying elbow through Sterling on the table. He then brings Sterling back into the ring. Hits the "Pesticide Elbow" and gets the victory.

Itchweeed defeats Chet Sterling

Itchweed whips out his weed whacker after the match and uses it on Chet Sterling and chops up his pink vest.

A Hardy Highlight airs after the break. This clip shows Matt and Nero at his personal zoo. Where Nero trains with the kangaroo known as "Smoking Joe".

Back in The Dome of Deletion for a TNA World Championship match.


Lashley attacks Edwards right before the match even begins. Bobby goes on to dominate the next few minutes of action. He flings Edwards across the mat and right under the bottom rope. Action on the outside, Lashley punishes Edwards, Hits consecutive clotheslines on him. Still on the outside, Lashley goes after a couple of fans. The fans actually fight back. They grab Lashley and end up assisting Eddie Edwards. Bobby Lashley is held back by several fans, while Edwards runs at and dives onto him.

When the show returns from break. Eddie is still in control. Lashley battles back. Hits a neckbreaker on Edwards and covers him for a 2 count. Lashley grounds and pounds Edwards for the next few minutes. Lashley attempts a standing delayed vertical suplex on Edwards, Eddie breaks out of it and hits a Blue Thunder bomb on Lashley. Both men are back up, Lashley grabs Edwards in mid air and hits snake eyes in the corner. Lashley then goes to work on Edwards left arm. Tries to get him to submit. Lashley then takes Edwards to the top rope. Bobby attempts a superplex on Eddie but he counters and knocks Lashley down with a missile dropkick. Edwards then knocks Lashley to the outside, and hits the shot of caffeine suicide dive on him. Back in the ring, Edwards hits a shining wizard on Lashley. It nets him a close fall. Edwards heads to the top and attempts a double foot stomp, but Lashley moves out of the way. Bobby is back up and he overpowers Eddie and slams him down to the mat, Lashley then sets up for a spear on Edwards, Eddie sidesteps it and kicks Lashley out of the ring.

Edwards attempts to leap from the apron and hit a huracanrana on Lashley, but he gets caught in mid air and power bombed into the crowd. This knocks down about a dozen plants.... I mean fans. Lashley brings Edwards to the entrance way. They battle towards to the back area. Lashley ends up spearing Edwards through a wall. They end up landing outside.

Back from the break. The disclaimer from the opening of the show is read by Senor Benjamin.... Lashley is on the outside of the arena, still brawling with Eddie Edwards. Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash cue to the start of Tag Team Apocalypto. No word if that last match has ended or not. Presumably it's a no contest but who knows.

Action News returns as a prelude to Tag Team Apocalypto.

The Hardy's vs. Decay vs. The Rock & Roll Express vs. The Helms Dynasty

An alarm sounds off in The Dome of Deletion. A recording plays over the sound system repeatedly. Signaling to the fans that the compound must be evacuated immediately. The arena fills up with smoke. Fans flee the compound for their safety. The match starts off with 4 teams. I am sure that we won't end there. As the teams start brawling in a smoke filled arena. The show cuts away to the outside, where Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards are still going at it. Lashley lifts Edwards up in the air and is choking him.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are now outside with "The Express that Rocks and Rolls". Matt has fireworks with him. Tells Ricky and Robert that all four of them were once teen heartthrobs. Matt then tells them to show that "babyface fire" as he gives them fireworks. The Decay are brawling with The Helms Dynasty. When they see The Hardy's and The Express with fireworks. Abyss yells "Not again" and they all start running away. The Hardy's and The Express fire into their direction.

The Helms Dynasty has decided that they have had enough, and decide to leave Apocalypto. They get into their pickup truck but Matt Hardy is already there waiting for them. The Dynasty drives off with Matt Hardy. Jeff gets on his dirtbike with a referee on board. Jeff chases after The Dynasty's truck. The chase is on, Matt is brawling with Lee and Everett in the back of a moving truck.

Meanwhile, The Decay are near a gate that leads to the compound. Several unnamed wrestlers are at the gate waiting to join Apocalypto. Back to The Hardy's, Matt is off the truck and brawling with The Helms Dynasty on the side of the road. He throws Lee and Everett through road signs. Attempts the matches first pinfall. They almost get run over by oncoming cars.

Back to the Decay, They are beating up the anonymous wrestlers one by one at the gate. Crazzy Steve actually breaks someone's neck. One of the wrestlers behind the gate says "Your Boy Dead"...... The Decay actually pins the nameless wrestlers that they just killed..... Meanwhile, Rockstar Spud is waiting for a partner to join him at the gate. He is greeted by two men dressed in suits. They introduce themselves as The Bravado Brothers. Lancelot and Harlan. Spud says that his partner is big and bad, and that when he gets here. They are the first to go.

The brawl continues between The Hardy's and The Helms Dynasty outside the Compound. They actually battle near a railroad station, with trains speeding right by them.

Meanwhile, The Decay continue to beat up on the Apocalypto entrants. They have at least 7 confirmed kills so far. Eventually the apocalypto outsiders are eliminated or run away in fear. The Bravado Brothers sneak in and get past The Decay without notice. Rockstar Spud threatens The Decay with his partner. Spud proclaims that the big man has arrived. Out comes "Hornswoggle". The Decay freeze in disbelief, as Spud and Swoggle walk past them.

Meanhwile, The Hardys are still battling with The Helms Dynasty. This time near the Lake of Reincarnation. Matt is close to being pinned but calls out to "Scarsguard". Scarsguard makes the save for The Hardy's. The Dynasty then beats up the boat. Shane Helms ends up getting thrown into the lake by Matt. When he emerges, He reverts to his 3 count persona. He dances with Lee and Everett. Before realizing that they are not the original 3 count members. Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias. Helms tells Lee and Everett that Evan and Shannon were way better then than them. Shane Helms ends up getting superkicked back into the lake by Everett and Lee.

"The Bravado Brothers" are now on the scene. They are in their wrestling gear. They sneak up behind Lee and Everett and attempt to pin them unsuccessfully.... Meanwhile, The Rock and Roll Express are in a wrestling ring on the outside. They call out to the Hardys to come wrestle them. It's a standard tag team tornado match for a few minutes.

Back to The Bravados. They almost pin Trevor Lee but the referee is in the port a potty. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and The Bravado Bros. battle back into The Dome of Deletion. The Hardy's are still going at it with the Express. There are cranes now lifted over the ring, and Ricky Morton and Jeff Hardy are on them......

The insane action continues after the break. Jeff Hardy is battling up top on cranes with Ricky Morton. While Robert Gibson is applying a figure four leg lock on Matt Hardy in the ring. Matt battles back and takes down Gibson in the ring. He heads over to the crane and operates the one, Morton is on. Sends him high up and says that he is sending him to the heavens...... Meanwhile, The Bravado Brothers are wrestling Lee and Everett in the other ring inside. Back outside, Brother Nero leaps off his crane but misses Robert Gibson. Matt grabs Robert and hits the twist of fate on him. Matt pins him and The Express are eliminated.

Rockstar Spud has now entered The Dome of Deletion along with Swoggle. He enters the curtain in a unique position with him.... Spud pats Swoggle on the head and bosses him around. They enter the ring with chairs. End up eliminating The Bravado brothers. Swoggle turns on Spud. Hits the tadpole splash on him and then leaves. Before doing so, He tells Lee and Everett that Spud is all theirs. They pin Rockstar and eliminate him.

We head back outside, Lashley and Edwards are spotted, still brawling. Ricky Morton is yelling for someone to get him off the crane. He has been sent up to the heavens by Matt. Down below is Road Warrior Animal. He says to Ricky, "What has Matt gotten you into now?". Ricky says that the rib is over.

The Decay are by the gates and James Storm has arrived with several DCC members with him. They all get taken out by The Decay besides Storm. All of a sudden, one of the DCC masked guys is revealed to be a man who tracked the location from his GPS. Storm doesn't know who this guy is. He offers to "2 Sour" James Storm. He gets knocked out and pinned by Abyss. The ref rules that the DCC is eliminated. Storm protests that he doesn't even know that fool.

Back from the break. Everyone is brawling now near the "Volcano" and it erupts. The eruption sends everyone flying in the air.... Meanwhile, Hurricane Helms has emerged from the lake of reincarnation. He flies through the air, to head to the fight.

Action 7 news cuts into the broadcast again. Calling the action ApocalyptNO. Saying that everyone's fate rests in the hands of The Hardy's..... The Decay are now attacking Brother Nero in the ring. While Lee and Everett go after Matt Hardy. Abyss gets his bat "Janice" and just as he is about to hit Jeff. Vanguard 1 is on the scene and shoots fireworks at The Decay.

Meanwhile, Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett are about to hit a fallen Matt Hardy with a shovel, when The Hurricane arrives and makes the save. He and Matt knock out Lee and Everett with shovels. Hurricane says that The Dynasty has been deleted. They pin the Dynasty and eliminate them. Lee and Everett are then buried by Hurricane and Matt Hardy.... Matt says that "even the man with 3 H's would be proud of how they buried these young promising talents".......
Matt and Hurricane give a thumbs up to the camera and smile.

In another part of the compound. "Swoggle" literally runs into Bobby Lashley.

Eddie Edwards leaps off the balcony and onto Bobby Lashley..... Brother Nero's symbol has been set on fire and he battles with The Decay in it. Broken Matt comes over and aids his brother. They battle in the fire.

Abyss and Matt head to the ring, while Jeff and Crazzy Steve head to the volcano. Matt Hardy gets a hold of Janice and strikes Abyss with it.... Jeff gives Crazzy Steve a twist of fate and he lands directly into the volcano. It explodes and shoots Steve out of it. He lands into the ring and Matt pins him.

The Hardy's win Tag Team Apocalypto

The Hardy family celebrates their victory. Matt, Jeff, Maxel, Reby, Senor Benjmain and Vanguard 1 all celebrate. Matt promises that all 6 of them will help rebuild the Hardy compound. Reby tells him that 7 of them will help rebuild it. She announces that she is pregnant to Matt's delight. As fireworks go off and the show ends.