Sean Waltman On Problems With WWE 205 Live, Internal Struggle At WWE Over How It Is Handled

Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri recently caught up with professional wrestling star, Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman. Among other things, Waltman shared his thoughts on WWE's cruiserweight resurgence. Also, Waltman mentioned the guests who will appear on his podcast, X-Pac 1,2,360 in the coming weeks.

According to Waltman, while he is happy that WWE has brought back the cruiserweight division, he believes the execution of WWE 205 Live leaves much to be desired. Specifically, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and WWE Light Heavyweight Champion suggested that 205 Live should not take place after SmackDown.

"I'm really happy. Mostly I'm happy with what they're doing with it, but there [are] a few things I don't like. I don't like them taping the 205 Live [show] after everything else is done in a half-empty arena where nobody gives a s–t. I think we're marginalizing these guys."

Waltman added, "so, not cool. I don't like that. It makes them seem like they're still an afterthought, Raj. Of course [taping 205 Live before SmackDown Live would be better], of course. Whenever you put the heavy hitters out before the guys that are perceived to be lower on the card, it doesn't work. I mean, well, it did at one point, but I'll give you an exception. Back when they would take Hulk [Hogan] and somebody in the main event, or whoever, and put them on forth, before intermission, and then, put, like, Rockers versus The Hart Foundation on last. That was something that was done a lot. But, come on, I mean, the cruiserweights are still trying to get established. We don't want to treat them like they're a special attraction like the midgets, we used to call them midgets, and what the ladies used to be back in the days, back in the Moolah, the Fabulous Moolah circuit days."

When asked whether Waltman likes 205 Live's aesthetic, including having its own color scheme, Waltman quipped that it really makes no difference to him.

"Who gives a s–t [about changing the color of the ring ropes]? I mean, why are we changing ropes? Well, I guess I understand why. But, like, yeah, it does signify it's time to go to the bathroom, or get some popcorn, or it's time to just leave. Right?" Waltman continued, "without talking to anybody about it, I know there's an internal struggle going on about these types of things. I guarantee you somebody feels the same way I do about it, so it's not like everyone there is just oblivious or doesn't get what I'm saying."

As for upcoming guests on Waltman's podcast, the former DX and nWo member indicated that ECW standout Jerry Lynn and Jeremy Botter from FloSlam will appear on the show soon.

"This one's going to be a very special one. It's going to be Jerry Lynn. That's it. There would not be an X-Pac or 1-2-3 Kid if it wasn't for Jerry Lynn, so it's going to be very special. I hope everyone likes it. We drop [new episodes] every Wednesday evening right after we shoot them. We shoot them, live to tape or sometimes we shoot the interview out of sequence if we have to, but we get it out pretty quick. And I think we'll have the head of FloSlam before then to talk about some things."

The full interview with Waltman will be posted soon here at Wrestling Inc.