Renee Young On Traveling With Boyfriend Dean Ambrose, If She Is Open To Wrestling In WWE, More

Recently on Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T, the five-time world champion spoke with WWE on-air personality, Renee Young. Among other things, Young discussed what it is like to be on the road with her real life boyfriend, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Young talked about having a hard time getting used to the cameras filming her constantly for Total Divas. Also, Young divulged that she is open to the idea of competing in the squared circle.

Young stated that being on the road with boyfriend Dean Ambrose is great because they have memories from all around the world. The Canadian broadcaster purported that there are a lot of relationships within WWE because only WWE personnel really understand the demands.  

"I always get a little bit nostalgic, like, right now we're in Houston [Texas]. I've so many memories of things I got to do in Houston and, luckily for me, I get to travel with my boyfriend as well, so him and I get to do all these things together. I mean, [Booker T knows] from experience has well of how much better that can make being on the road when you're doing that stuff. It's great."

Young added, "I think it's great because, I mean, if I wasn't on the road with him, and, I mean, there [are] tons of relationships here in WWE. We just have a different understanding. I see what he's going through. I understand there are times when he needs to take a moment and be in his Dean Ambrose mode and do his thing. But, I mean, for the most part, we have our own memories we get to create being together all over the world. We've shut down hotels and hotel bars all over the world. So it's so awesome we get to do that and then we get to go home together and go, 'cool, now do you want to just go around the corner and grab a sandwich or something?' You get both sides of it. It's perfect. I love it."

As for Total Divas, Young shared that being a cast member definitely changed her day to day life. According to 'Renasal' getting used to the cameras has been the most difficult part.

"The main thing that was weird to me when I started doing [the show] was you have cameras on you all the time and, like, we're on TV all the time and we're used to having cameras around all the time, but it's a different thing when they're filming you when you're out to dinner and you're having a cocktail and you start getting a little bit of loose lips when you're out there hanging out. But the weird thing would be I would fall asleep and wake up after having said cocktails, like, 'ah! Are the cameras still on me? What am I wearing? What's happening?' It puts you on a little bit of a different mindset. But, I mean, overall though, it's such a great experience. It's great to have this other fanbase to tap into. The show is so popular. Yeah, I'm really happy to be able to join the cast."

During the podcast, Young suggested that she is open to wrestling for WWE insofar as she is not closing the door on the possibility altogether.

"With anything with WWE, you've got to be prepared for anything. How do I know Vince isn't going to call me and go, 'hey, PS, you're going to be in the eight-woman tag match – you'd better know how to throw a dropkick'? Do I have any training under my belt? Absolutely not." Young continued, "it's more so being open to the idea of doing something like that just in case."?

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Source: Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T