Talking Smack On The WWE Network
Hosted by Renee Young and Shane McMahon

- Renee welcomes the audience to the show. She also welcomes back Shane McMahon to the show. Shane jokes that he is not back by popular demand. Renee says that she begs to differ, that she has received positive feedback about Shane's appearance from last week. Renee brings up Shane's birthday taking place on sunday. A picture of Stephanie's tweet to Shane is shown on screen of them as kids. Shane is asked about what he did for his birthday, Shane says that he went snow boarding with his family in Vermont. Renee then presents Shane with a cupcake with a candle on it. She tops it off with whip cream and Shane blows out the candle.

- The first guest on this week's show is Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Jerry wishes Shane a belated happy birthday. He tells him that birthdays are nice but that too many of them will kill you. Jerry is asked about Kings Court tonight on Smackdown Live. Renee actually congratulates Jerry for killing it. Shane jokes that she shouldn't mention killing when King nearly died, as a result of Dolph Ziggler's kick to his heart. Jerry talks about being in Memphis, and how Dolph Ziggler addressed his heart issue from 2012. Jerry says that it was the first time that they have stood face to face since the incident. Where Ziggler's elbows may have contributed to his life potentially ending that night on Raw. Jerry corrects people for saying that he had a heart attack. That it was actually cardiac arrest. Lawler goes on to state that your heart stops from trauma, and that only 7 out of 1,000 people who suffer from cardiac arrest actually survive. Lawler says that the cause of his cardiac emergency was the result of Ziggler's elbows. How his heart was knocked off of it's rhythm. Jerry then talks about Ziggler's recent career transformations and calls them all failures. Shane apologizes for Dolph's actions. He says that he doesn't condone what he did tonight. While Jerry says that he blames Dolph for his cardiac arrest, that he doesn't blame him for how he responded to him tonight. Jerry says that he doesn't expect an apology from Dolph for causing his cardiac arrest back in 2012.

- Renee Young announces that Jerry Lawler will be working The Royal Rumble pre-show along with her and Booker T. She also announces that Jerry will be calling The Royal Rumble match alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary.

- After Jerry leaves the set. The next topic is the announcement of Kurt Angle's induction into the hall of fame. Shane jokes about hearing Kurt's music in his head. Shane says that Angle is very deserving, and that he is very excited to see him make it. Renee tries to get a scoop on the next inductee into The Hall of Fame. She asks Shane to write the name down on a piece of paper for her. Shane refuses, just states that more announcements will be coming soon. Renee jokingly throws her hat in the mix for being a part of the selection committee. Shane says that The HOF process is very selective. That there are so many that deserve to be in, but there are only a few spots available every year.

- The next guest on the show is Baron Corbin. Renee asks Baron about his loss to Cena last week. She calls the loss a potential setback. Baron takes exception and starts to rant. Shane cuts him off to critique Renee's question. He tells Renee that she needs to ease into those types of questions. Corbin fields the question anyway. He says that his loss vs Cena wasn't a setback. Corbin says that as a professional athlete, he is used to battling back from a loss. Corbin then goes on to claim that Cena didn't get his best last Tuesday. That he was simply testing the waters with Cena. Baron states that he went up against a desperate man in Cena, and that Baron got caught in the end and lost. He calls John lucky..... Renee asks Baron about his direction in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. Baron goes over all the big names in the match. He mentions Brock and Goldberg being all wrapped up with each other. That it will play into Baron's favor, and that he is not worried about them. Baron then talks about The Undertaker. He says that Taker mentioned digging 29 holes in the Rumble match. Corbin says that the world needs ditch diggers. Baron says that The Undertaker will end up doing the dirty work for him. By eliminating others and that Baron will fill some of those holes himself, before eliminating Taker. Shane laughs at Baron's cockiness. Tells him that he is proof that it is easier said than done when it comes to battling The Undertaker.

- Renee then asks Shane what he thinks of Corbin's comments about the major stars like Brock, Goldberg and The Undertaker. Shane is respectful towards Baron and says that he has great potential. Shane says that his career is ascending. He talks to Baron directly. He tells him that he loves the confidence and wishes him the best of luck. Renee asks Baron, how he feels about all the hype surrounding him. Like Rolling Stone calling him the next major breakout star. Corbin says that he believes that he is the best and if he didn't. That he wouldn't even be here. Baron then insults the fans who rip him at the shows. Corbin says that those fans paid money to come see him and that he doesn't care what they think. That their money went directly into his pocket. Shane makes a face, as if he didn't agree with Corbin's last comment. Corbin goes on to state that he is going to win the rumble, main event WrestleMania and walk out WWE Champion. Corbin promises that he will tell the world "I told you so" at the end of Mania. Shane goes on the defense for the fans. Tells Baron that they matter and that he should never knock them. That without them, we don't exist. Baron says that he doesn't care about the fans opinions of him. Putting their money in his pockets is all he cares about. Shane says that he tried to save Baron from going deeper down the rabbit hole. Corbin responds by saying that once you stick your head in, you keep going. That he will continue to do that for the next 10 years. Renee thanks Baron for joining the show.

- Renee asks Shane about Baron's confidence, and whether it translates to ignorance. Shane says that Baron is arrogant but that he truly believes in himself. Shane says that you need that in any form of competition..... The next topic on the show is Mickie James being revealed as La Luchadora. Renee and Shane talk about Mickie's effect on Smackdown Live and her alliance with Alexa Bliss. Renee talks about Mickie's latest match with Asuka at NXT Takeover. How she was very impressed with her performance. Renee says that she is anxious to see Mickie's impact on all the women on the roster. She promises to get the scoop on the women's reaction and report on it next week. Shane talks about the cage match tonight between Alexa and Becky. He talks about how both women reacted to being in that type of match. Renee asks Shane about his past experiences in the cage. Shane jokes about having to be numb to absorb the punishment in those types of matches.

- Bray Wyatt joins the show. He says that he has dismissed Randy Orton and Luke Harper from this show. Renee asks Bray why he is having Harper and Orton battle it out next week on Smackdown Live. Bray says that when it comes to conflict with brothers. That it has to be settled in a brutal way. Bray feels that this will all end up well. Bray says that after next week, that things will be complete. Bray rips on Baron Corbin for saying that he is going to win the Rumble. Bray says that Baron doesn't have any experience in this type of environment, and that he does. Bray mentions to Shane how they were on the winning team together at The Survivor Series. That they won after The Undertaker threatened them. Bray promises that "we" will win The Rumble. He says that when he says "We", He actually means "Me". Bray runs off all the big names in the match and promises to win The Rumble.

- Renee and Shane discuss Bray's comments after he leaves the set. They then hype next week's Smackdown Live and wrap up the show.

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