Source: The Sun

TNA's Rockstar Spud recently spoke with The Sun about wrestling, his size, and a number of other topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Nearly quitting pro wrestling:

"I was going to jack it all in on my 30th birthday. I came that close to quitting. Then I got the call for TNA British boot camp in the August 2013 and we started filming in September. Back then it was impossible to be a full-time wrestler and make a living in the UK. You had to live with you mum and dad and you could just about afford to pay rent to them. I worked in a bank. I have no problem saying that I had a full-time job for my entire career until I signed for TNA. Thankfully now I have saved my money, because that was always installed in me because it won't last forever, so I always saved and I can happily say I live in a lovely condo in Nashville, Tennessee."

Going against bigger opponents:

"I am not afraid of anyone whether they are 6ft 4ins or not. And this is not me speaking as a wrestling character, this is real life, I don't care how tall you are. I am just really confident with who I am, I am a man's man but I am 5ft 4ins tall. It is really strange but I just never had any fear."

Losing to a one-year-old (Matt Hardy's heir, King Maxel):

"Fans will say 'Oh my god, they are burying Rockstar Spud'. But if you have seen me on TV the then I am not buried at all. I am on television. If I wasn't on television then I would be buried. Plus, my name is James Michael Curtin and I play a character called Rockstar Spud who is a weasely, little, whiney bad guy who deserves everything he gets. Rockstar Spud deserves losing to a one-year-old. Do I have a problem playing a weasely little bad guy losing to a one-year-old? Absolutely not. What do you want me to do next?"

Rockstar Spud also discussed being a true professional and the UK wrestling scene. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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